You will need
  • spray for stretching shoes;
  • wooden banner;
  • - castor oil;
  • - alcohol or vodka.
If you don't want to experiment on a new pair of sneakers and use it to stretch people's recipes, especially for you in almost any Shoe store sells professional products – sprays. As a rule, they are presented in large variety and in different price categories. To use them is quite simple: shake the spray, apply it to the inside or the outside of the sneaker and wait until dry. However, there is one caveat: your running shoes should be made of genuine leather.
If your sneakers are not leather, in this case to help solve the problem of special wooden stretching, you want to insert in the shoes for 24 hours. The benefits of such stretching is that it is adjustable in length and width, and thus will allow you to stretch the shoes in the appropriate places.
If you don't mind people's money, and your house has castor oil, then apply 50 g to the inner surface of the Shoe and wait until completely absorbed. If the skin is softened, sneakers must not be washed under water and try a little they like.
You can use another popular recipe. Liberally pour sneakers vodka or alcohol, put on foot thick socks and walk until until you feel that the Shoe was spread.
If none of these methods does not suit you, then there is one radical means to contact the Shoe master. In this case, you risk less, because the skill of the specialist practically eliminates the deformation of the Shoe. Shoemaker will process your a couple of special solution and put on a wooden box. With the screws the shoes stretched to the required size.