The selection of names for the new pharmacy is rather complicated and responsible process. First of all, the name of the pharmacy should be unique, that is should not coincide with names of other pharmacies in the city or large pharmacy chains. Before the adoption of either option you must enter the name in Google, to avoid repetition. At the same time the name should correspond to the topics of medical business and cause positive emotions among the visitors. A good name can become a "Shop health", "health Resort", "Nasha Apteka", etc.
When the title is also important to consider its complexity. Too complicated and long names are difficult to remember and are confused in the head. Good from the point of view of marketing the name should be catchy, clear and easy to read. People passing at high speed on the car, hardly have time to read the name of the "Pharmacy Avicenna" or "the Good doctor Aibolit".
In the name of the pharmacy to reflect the specifics of your new business. For example, if your pharmacy will specialize in the traditional medicine, you can call her "Doctor" or "SAP". If your pharmacy is different from the competitors low prices, you can reflect that in the title, for example "Cheap pharmacy" or "Pharmacy of low prices". If you want to open a pharmacy business class, you can call it "VIP Pharmacy" or "Elite pharmacy".
In the name of the pharmacy not recommended to use Latin letters, as the bulk of the customers of pharmacies are are retirees and people unfamiliar with foreign languages. The title should be clear to clients of different age categories.