You will need
  • haircut "extended care";
  • - a towel
  • foam for hair;
  • - curlers;
  • - Hairdryer
  • gel for hair styling;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • - comb;
Use the Express installation to put the caret on the elongation for each day. Wet your hair, press it with a towel and let dry a little, not unwinding the towel. Next, apply a small amount of foam hair styling (enough for one bulb). Roll the hair on large rollers and dry under a warm air dryer. Curlers and leave for 15 minutes. This styling creates volume to even the finest hair.
The dried simply divide hair parted in the middle, if you are too lazy to ever come up with and styling is still necessary. Then lubricate the fingers with hair gel and whisk chaotic hair. Finished hairstyle fix varnish. Styling for the lazy ready!
Almost dried hair safesite first to one side, thoroughly dry, and do the same with his hair combed down on the other side. Look down and shake your hair, then sharply raise your head. Now make a small side parting and secure the hair lacquer.
Tame rebellious hair with a bandage. To do this, pick the bandage of the desired width and color and put it on the head. So you will have a new image, which will also help to hide regrown roots.
Going to a party, make a festive styling. To do this, twist your hair in curlers, then gently pull the bobbin, so that the strands are not fluffed, and comb their fingers from roots to ends. Again, comb hair, but only with a small amount of gel. In the end, make a side parting, apply with your fingers shape the bangs and pour varnish.
Safesite back hair and fix them with gel to simply and quickly to make the evening laying an elongated square in the summer. This styling is suitable for any color of hair, it does open the face and gives the opportunity to show evening makeup in the best light.