Features haircuts

Graduated caret is a short haircut in which the hair on the back of my head cut shorter, gradually lengthening the strands in the direction of the face. On the back of the head hair length rarely falls below the mid-neck. The hair is left long face to the chin or longer.

Do not make the caret in curly hair. Advantageously, the caret looks straight, heavy and thick hair. Also, the caret will not cause much trouble women with normal type hair. And the owners of the hair with a light wave will have to face the fact that the hair really stiff, and the ends stick out in different directions.

Graduated caret is not suitable for ill and weakened hair. It will only emphasize their damaged structure. As with any haircut, rack requires constant care and keeping in shape.

Laying graded caret

Graduated caret is placed easily at home. The volume you can create with the help of sprays and foams, dry hair upside down. After drying, pull the strands with round brush large diameter.

For hair without volume, suitable means with silicone. Silicone is not harmful to hair like other styling tools, if you frequently wash the hair.

Laying graded caret you can improvise. Spectacular will be styling hair in simple, classic style. You can make a "mess" on the head, causing hair foam and shaking his head. Graduated caret is possible to stack levels in different directions, having a live volume.

Graduated four of a kind and face shape

The owners of oval face suit graduated caret with bangs. If the face is not too stretched, you can try asymmetric or ragged bangs.

For round face difficult to choose a haircut. To compensate for the small length of the face? suitable graduated caret with the elongation. Bangs are preferable to oblique or torn.

Angular the square face can be compensated for by the lungs, torn and shaped strands. Do not make a square with straight bangs as it will accentuate the already wide cheekbones. Bangs are possible, but only oblique. To soften the facial features usually make ragged ends.

Diamond shaped face has wide cheekbones, a narrow chin and temples. As well as a square face, diamond-shaped contraindicated straight bangs. For this type of face any kind of penalty, even graduated caret with asymmetry.

If a person has a triangular shape, it is better to fix his attention on a graduated caret with bangs.

Full face with a second chin is not worth doing a short Bob. Let the length will not be above shoulder level. You can make light a straight bangs. The graduations start under the chin. This will help to hide unwanted fullness.