Kare, you can pick up any woman, regardless of the person's status and age. This is really the most common and elegant haircut. It combines the elegance and simplicity, ideal as a young girl, and respectable lady. For its installation does not take much time.
Before you can create the hairstyle you need a hair wash, rinse the conditioner, and not bringing it to completely dry, then style.
Haircut caret is very easy to fit. Just a few minutes before leaving the house, and you have a perfect view. You can leave even hair or make it obliquely. Using a large round brush to tuck the hair inside, when dry and your hairstyle is ready. And fix the hair, apply a little foam on damp hair before styling. After drying you can fix laying varnish.
You can create the effect of lightness, slightly twisting the ends of your hair outward. You can use the pad. This hairstyle will look young and perky. It is necessary to capture the strand not for themselves, and end a few inches above.
Very original caret looks and a zigzag parting. Make it quite simple. Divide the hair into two halves, make even hair comb with sharp teeth. Then comb swipe near from the center of the head. Dividing the hair into strands, repeat the procedure. If you use for this look special hair mascara, your hair will be very original. It is perfect for parties.
If you have a celebration or simply going to the theater or to the exhibition, do the following hairstyle. Wrap slightly damp hair in curlers and let them dry. Carefully remove curlers and spread the curls. Get wonderful waves. To secure it, you can separate strands with your fingers and lubricate gel. And you can leave heavy locks and also fix them.