You will need
  • - Hairdryer
  • - comb;
  • - modeling tools.
Stacking should be done on freshly washed hair so it will look better and last longer. To begin dry the wet strands with a towel, then comb them, and divide into several parts.
Using the round brush, start pulling the hair strands from the roots. The tips you can tighten or inward or outward — so you can emphasize the dignity of his person.
Once the hair is dried, lay each strand using gel or wax. Fix styling hairspray.
If you have thin hair, then with the right placement you will be able to give them the necessary volume. Apply to damp strands of modeling foam. Safesite curls on the right side. With a comb, separate one strand and pull it with a hair dryer stacking the hair on the left side. Once the locks is dry, tilt your head down and dry it with a Hairdryer to the roots. Raise your head and give your strands in shape with wax.
Try to put your hair back. Apply to slightly damp curls styling mousse. With the help of comb, pull strands back, directing them blow hot air. Secure the hair lacquer.
The classic Bob you can style into a spectacular hairstyle. Treat strands to start a modeling tool. Make a side parting. Curl the ends of your hair inwards using a round brush.
To create on your head "disorder", just apply to the hair foam, put your head down and dry it thoroughly with a Hairdryer. Raise your head and rock the hair. If some strands are "not in the right place", then correct them using wax or gel. Secure the hair lacquer.