To create a simple and stylish everyday hairstyle you will need a lacquer or a mousse for styling, the Hairdryer and round brush. Wash your hair and dry them, and in the process of blow-drying, wrap your hair with a round brush inside, drying in this position.
If you have bangs, draw the comb and will also curl the tips inward. Bangs fix the paint, and the rest of the hair necesite ago and also spray lacquer.
Originally looks like the laying of a square with a small fleece – to carry out the styling, divide the hair straight horizontal parting from ear to ear, and then separate the front strands of hair from the back. Make on the back of the hair a little bouffant and twist the hair in the roller. Do the same with the front strands. Secure the hair lacquer and the back will strengthen the hair barrette.
Long bangs would look good with a haircut caret, separated by a straight vertical parting. Dry your hair and shake their fingers, which caused a small amount of fixing gel to create the effect of wet hair.
If you want to create elegant evening hairstyle, roll the hair on large curlers and dry them and then comb the curls with your fingers and give them the desired shape, drizzle with varnish. Impressive look not only curls, but straightened hair with a straightening iron.
Nachesa the hair on his forehead and spreading smooth bangs, straighten your hair with a Flatiron to get a sleek and beautiful hairstyle for working atmosphere and discos.
In addition, you can comb your freshly washed hair to the side and dry them in that position, and then shake hair and sprinkle it with varnish – so you will get a natural styling suitable for any occasion.