Perfect for styling the caret is extremely important lightness of hair. Lay freshly washed hair, it is better to give preference to balanced shampoo and conditioner to provide extra volume. Do not apply conditioner on the roots, thus the hair would "fall off" and look ugly. But the tips should impregnate as well - since we put a hair dryer carefully enough.
Dry your hair with towel, then leave them to dry themselves and then proceed directly to the installation - to do this, comb them, and start to separate into strands. Each strand should be wide enough, approximately 5-7 inches. Carefully kill them with large Bobby pins.
Now you should take a Hairdryer, round brush and start to wind each strand from the roots, gently pulling down. What to do with the ends - up to you, but to create a beautiful and soft volume, carefully tighten down. On the back of the head the hair should be dry and lift, then the hair will look especially attractive. The same applies to the crown - apply to roots for extra volume!
In order to anchor the resulting hairstylewill suit you flexible nail fixation. Sprinkle them all the hair, and to highlight individual strands and make the texture with the tips you can use wax or gel.
If you have a penalty with bangs - it should be placed in the last turn, giving it a volume with a hair dryer and a round brush. But apply it a lot of styling products is clearly not worth it.