You will need
  • Hairdryer, round brush, hair curler, foam hair styling or other modeling tool, clips for hair, fixing the tool.
Wash your hair. If the situation is that there's not enough time, it is the haircut the Bob allows a specific "wet" variant of the hair styling hair with gel with the effect of wet hair. To do this with a fine comb smoothly safesite hair back with a middle parting or without it. If hair length allows, the ends at the nape can be worn out with a round brush and Hairdryer.
Towel dry washed hair. If there is a need for styling already dried hair, preferably slightly wet from their spray. As haircut Bob in any case, imply of surround the back, for styling, use a foam or mousse that creates volume. Apply a small amount of styling products on the palm of the hand and spread it evenly through the hair, focusing on root area.
Determine the installation method that you prefer. Styling with a hair dryer will take less time with the help of curler you can achieve a more resistant hair. To operate the dryer it is best to use a large round comb, a round brush or a comb-skeleton, created specifically for the creation of radical volume. The laying of the strands can be performed in any order from the crown to the nape or Vice versa.
Professionals usually dried hair, starting from the bottom strands. This will secure the bulk of hair on top the clip, separating at the hairline on the back of his head a strand width of about 2-3 cm wound Strand on the round brush or comb lifted the skeleton so that the direction of its pulling it perpendicular to the scalp – so it will create more volume. Depending on the type of the selected hairstyle, shape the direction of twist of the strands – inward or outward tips.
Dry this way consistently all the strands, moving in the direction of parting or if you prefer, in the direction from the parting to the bottom strands. After the final drying, you received a voluminous Bob. If in the occipital area then make the fleece a few strands at the root, it will further increase and will record the resulting amount.
If the installation method you chose curler, roll the hair in the same manner and wait until dry hair in curlers. Remove the curlers. If your goal is voluminous Bob, comb the curls. If the hairstyle you would like to see bouncy curls, then gently removing the curlers, separate the curls with your fingers, slightly shaking them.
Complete laying release a few strands from a person, the fixation of the curved ends or the design of the bangs. If desired, secure the hair lacquer.