Graduated four of a kind or a Bob is the haircut in which the hair at the nape haircut with length at the level of the lip, gradually becoming longer to the chin. This type of haircut is a variety of variations and almost never goes out of fashion, as it has a classic look.

Features graduated caret

When cutting a graduated Bob cut hair hair cut to mid-nape, from which they stepped up, becoming long near the cheeks. The hair is the person can reach the level of the chin or even a little bit longer. This haircut is suitable for straight hair or hair that can be a daily straightening. For curly hair this haircut is lost and becomes invisible.

Description and types of graded caret

Haircut "graduated care" should have a good seal against the face and be movable. In some cases, haircuts graduated layers around the face, others added to the haircut side-swept bangs. This kind of haircut is suitable for women with a narrow face, because visually makes it a little wider.

Graduated caret is often used for the weave, which makes the cut much more interesting, giving it "movement". In addition, it refreshes the face, if painted bright strands of hair on the temples.

Disadvantages of graded caret

Despite the fact that Bob-Bob is a relatively simple haircut, it requires regular care to maintain its shape. At least once a month, you podmorazhivanie its edge to remain straight, a-line haircuts — a clear.

Simple washing the hair for the haircut will not be enough. It should be daily to dry with round brush that will give the hairstyle a neat and smooth appearance.

Who is suitable and how to wear a Bob

First and foremost, graduated caret is suitable for women with thick straight hair and a broad face. Is this haircut will look if long strands will gently descend to the level of the jaw. The back of the Bob has the shape of a wedge, and on the sides of three levels. The first of which, trimmed 2-3 inches above the ears. This caret will have the best view, if you blow-dry it and curl the edges of hair inside.

In order to give a graded caret a more formal look, you must do parting near the top, and a longer side of the hair pin decorative hair pin. On formal occasions would be appropriate to look barrette, inlaid with rhinestones.