Disabling the mechanical odometer. As an example, let it be VAZ 2101. The shutdown process is very simple. From the dashboard, Unscrew the speedometer cable. Can also be done with many other models of cars, such as VAZ (2102-2115); Audi 80, 90, 100, 200; BMW 3-series (E-21); BMW 5-series (E-12), etc.
Can be a side effect of the noise of the speedometer cable under the dashboard. To avoid this, it is necessary to completely remove the speedometer cable. Second option: remove the carton from the other end of the rope and tie it to the body.
Disabling the odometer is electric. For example, the BMW 3-series (E-30). To disable it, the easiest way is to pull the plug of the instrument panel on the left side. Also will cease to seem fuel level, speedometer and odometer daily.
The second method to disable on this model machine. Pull the fuse out of the fuse block is located under the hood on the left side (driver side) near the windshield. Similarly disconnects the odometer on these cars like the BMW 5-series (E-28, E-34), BMW 6-series (E-24) BMW 7 series (E-23, E-32), Audi (100 body 44, 45), Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, the Volkswagen Caravelle.
On newer models is not so simple. If you take, for example, the Toyota Land Cruiser, if you turn off error may occur. When checking the car on the diagnostic computer the program will show that the odometer was turned off (will show what number was disconnected, what was the value, and hence, mileage will be considered invalid). To resolve this error, you will need the help of a very good specialist. Error when disconnecting the odometer appears on the Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 90, 100, 200; Toyota Avensis; Toyota Mark 2; Mitsubishi Lancer (VIII, IX, X); Mitsubishi Pajero (III, IV, V), etc.