On the car VAZ – 21099 speedometer may not work for several reasons: malfunction of speedometer malfunction of the flexible shaft or breakage of the speedometer drive mounted on the transmission. The speedometer goes down very rarely, more often problems arise with a flexible shaft or a drive unit, especially if equipped with an electronic speedometer.


To isolate the fault, disconnect the flexible shaft from the transmission. For this you need pliers to Unscrew the ring nut on the cable housing and disconnect the shaft from the transmission. Then hold the shank of the shaft in the Chuck of a drill and turn it on. If the speedometer of VAZ – 21099 rejected, so the device is OK, if no speedometer is to be replaced.

If the speedometer works, you need to carefully examine the tip of the flexible shaft. The tip should have a clear four-sided cross-section. If the faces are lapped and the tip is more round than square, the flexible shaft must be replaced. When you lapped the edges of shaft is beginning to slip in the drive, while good heard the characteristic clicking and twitch will also be the speedometer.

If the tip of the shaft is normal, it is necessary to replace the drive shaft of the speedometer. Also, if you installed an electronic speedometer, you need to carefully examine the wires connected to the sensor for signs of fractures or breaks.

The replacement of defective parts

To replace the flexible shaft of the speedometer on the VAZ – 21099 need to disconnect it from the transmission underneath the vehicle by unscrewing the pliers round the nut on the sheath shaft. To disconnect the shaft from the speedometer, you will need to disassemble the instrument panel and remove instrument panel. For this you need cross screwdriver to Unscrew the screws from the trim strips on the steering column that covers the paddle shifters.

Into the two holes on the bottom of the dashboard, roughly at the level of the steering column, insert two flat head screwdrivers and pressing the latch, carefully pull the instrument panel itself. Now you can replace the speedometer or the flexible shaft.

On the dashboard of the old sample for removal of instrument panel needs a flat screwdriver to gently push the right air vent. Through this hole you need to press the spring latch holding the instrument.

To replace the drive shaft disconnect the speedometer flexible shaft from the actuator on the transmission. Then loosen one bolt and remove the actuator by lifting it with a flat head screwdriver. If you install a new Flex shaft, it is desirable to lubricate the entire length with lubricant "Litol" or "Joint", it will significantly increase its service life.