You will need
  • - personal computer with Internet access;
  • details;
  • - soldering iron;
  • Plata;
  • tester;
  • - speed sensor;
  • compiler.
Independently develop, or download in Internet the scheme of constructing the electronic speedometer. By the way, the second method is more convenient because they do not need to sit over a mountain of literature and to seek out the necessary information to map the electronic speedometer.
Acquire the necessary to create electronic speedometer details. Depending on the complexity of the scheme you may need the following components: photodiode, transistors, display, resonator, capacitors, voltage regulators, relays and other parts. To acquire all this at an electronics store or on the radio.
Assemble a circuit of the electronic speedometer. After the soldering process is completed, with a tester check the connection quality of all soldered parts.
Purchase the speed sensor and install the controller on the wheel of the motor vehicle. But first calculate the number of pulses per kilometer: for this measure the wheel circumference (one turn – one pulse sensor). Based on these data, calculate the device parameter.
Using a special compiler to run the microcontroller firmware. Immediately test the electronic speedometer, and only after that connect the device to your motor vehicle.
Assemble electronic speedometer and practice its performance. If you find problems in the operation of the device, reprogram the microcontroller or change his scheme.