Can consider the goods, in units, packages, or pieces. Also acceptable is the stock control (when the goods are taken into account in batches). So you need to choose the most convenient method of accounting for stock: specific or batch.
Assign SKU (stock number) to each item. This will greatly facilitate the accounting of stock in varietal method. In this case, the product should be stored in a warehouse for items. Each newly received product will join the goods of the same name. While the material-the responsible person must keep records of goods in kind (for example, in kilograms, packages, or pieces).
Keep a record on the basis of the following documents: consumables and receipt invoice. Mark the receipt and expenditure of goods in the special journal (on paper or in electronic form).
Make a special card account every time you receive a new consignment. This is necessary when a batch method of accounting for stock. Because each newly received group of the goods will be stored separately from products obtained previously. In turn, this card account you must specify the quantity of the goods in this instalment and the date of its receipt. This method is appropriate for inventory accounting bulk products or, if the storage area is designed only for one kind of goods.
Release the goods only on consignment, which must include the following information: the recipient name (code), date of shipment, quantity and value of goods. Upon detection of defective units (batches) of products necessarily constitutes an act of salvage. Remember that any movement of goods must be documented.
Turn in all papers to the accounting Department. That is where they will be checked and put on the account in monetary or quantitative terms, or to cancel the account (if the document is a consumable).