Equipment warehouse

Before you do the material values that require accommodation and storage, it is necessary to find a special room for storage and equip it with all the necessary equipment depending on what items will be stored in the warehouse. Special equipment will allow to ensure their safety.

Then you should hire specialists-storekeepers that will be responsible for the receipt and storage of inventory. Each of them is necessary to conclude an additional agreement on material responsibility, and then to instruct and to familiarize them with the procedure of accounting and the documents and forms in accordance with which a record material values. If inventories are high, without computers and specialized software you can not do. However, the automated asset tracking in the warehouse of the commercial enterprise it is better to implement in any case.

The organization inventory

Material shall carry out the accounting of products and goods in the warehouse according to the storage rules on the types and varieties. Accounting, depending on the type of goods may be conducted both in quantitative and in monetary terms. At the same time on each item the item number is filled "Card of inventory accounting of goods", their results materially responsible persons is carried out under a list in a separate journal or register the issuance of the cards.

Separate cards are issued for goods stored from last year and entered the warehouse this year. On each card, marked with the storage location of the product indicating the number of storage and shelving. Accounting can be carried out not on the cards, and in a special "book of inventory".

Responsible for warehousing – warehouse Manager on a daily basis should make changes to the registration card on the basis of documents, bringing the balance after each entry. His duty is the preparation of the statements of consumption of material values, their data should be included in the closed card no later than the first day of the following month.

Warehouse Manager continuously monitors the situation and informs the user about the reduction in the required stock of goods or, on the contrary, their excessive quantity. Every month he provides the accounting of the enterprise "the Report on movement of material assets" with the application of primary documents confirming the receipt and consumption of goods.