In the program "1C Accounting" 8.1 cancellation of goods from the warehouse is as follows. Run the program "1C: Accounting" by double-clicking the shortcut on the desktop. If label not, start using the menu "start". Then select the tab "All programs" to display a list of installed software. Select the organization database that you are working on at the moment, and load the shell.
Go to the menu item "Warehouse" and select the "Inventory of goods" in the warehouse. Select the desired document to open the context menu by clicking the right mouse button. Select the "based On", and "Salvage goods". Appears you need the document "written off goods".
Check the correctness of filling in the document of basic data: number and date of document, name of organization, select the warehouse and specify the base in the box underneath. Next you need to add to the document the goods and to specify their number, as is done in commercial invoices or accounts. This should get those goods which have a negative deviation in inventory of goods.
After shopping the go to the tab "Accounts". Select the account of Scripture from the list suggested by the program "1C". Select cost, then type "Act of decommissioning" and run the document.
If errors when filling in the document will not be revealed, and any dependencies are not violated, the program "1C" will hold the write-off of goods. Check the correct execution of the activity and balances of goods in stock using the menu item "Warehouse". In General we can say that to write off warehouse items through the software from the company "1C" is not difficult, important to be able to work in the program and sequentially execute all the operations.