Perform the reconciliation of the accounting systems of the warehouse and the owner.
Organize the balance of goods, to ensure access to it for identification and counting.
Product related to different areas of accounting, must be geographically isolated (goods basic warehouse; the product is prepared for repair; marriage, etc.).
Scroll to the warehouse area of calculation and number them. Mark the extreme points of the zones to exclude their intersection.
Swipe the cleaning within the warehouse.
Not later than the time spend on records all documents relating to the movement of goods.
Prepare and issue an order (decree) on the organization and inventory at the warehouse.
Prepare and print from the accounting system data on the balance, putting them in the form of a sheet. In the statement specify the date and time of its compilation, part number, product name, model, or type the number of defective products, the place of storage. Statements candidates will sign responsible person.
Provide termination of movement of goods in the warehouse at the time of the complete inventory, starting from a certain order of time.
Assign personnel to conduct the recount by dividing them into two shifts and counting groups. In the inventory group should be two people - one carries out the identification and calculation of product, and the second fills the inventory. Control over the actions shifts to keep a special charge to the employee, giving him the appropriate powers.
Area inventory will distribute the inventory groups to provide a full rendering for all areas of the warehouse. For each zone, create a separate inventory list. Area inventory is calculated only one inventory group.
Inventory the group provides the results of an inventory miscalculation in one instance. The inventory shall be signed by all group members and handed to the responsible person. The person responsible is the registry of records with the time of their delivery and those who made an inventory.