You will need
  • - the Commission;
  • - invoice of the actual balance of the product;
  • - invoices of received goods;
  • - invoice the balance at the time of the previous registration;
  • - expenditure invoices.
To account for the retail store, create a Commission. It should include the sellers of the brigade, if the account is held with the transmission shifts. If the account is held for the periods of work of all teams, the counting can maintain multiple sellers from different teams.
Also include in the composition of the Board of administration, accountant, senior sellers all shifts.
Swipe counting the actual balance of the product in the store for all the items separately, each type of product include in the account statement as a separate line.
After conducting the survey the rest of the work an accountant does. The accountant calculates the remainder after the previous account, adds the cost of incoming goods all consignment note, takes the proceeds and withdrawal of the goods on the shipments. The result should match the actual amount of products in store on the day of accounting.
If revealed a surplus, then they all count towards the income terms of trade. Shortage is to be repaid by the sellers of the teams, or all teams, who worked in the accounting period.
In identifying short again collect the Commission from among the persons present during the counting. A report of shortage, mandating that all sellers a written explanation will render a written reprimand with punishment.
If the sellers claim that the shortage was caused by faulty measuring equipment, call representatives of the service company. In the presence of members of the Commission, the technical representative of the company must inspect the equipment and issue a written conclusion about the serviceability or malfunction of the measuring instruments. If revealed their fault, then the fault of the sellers are in a shortage there, so the entire shortfall write off the costs of the enterprise or invoice enterprise maintenance.
If it turned out that the measuring instruments are working properly, shortage are obliged to repay the sellers in a voluntary or compulsory order.