You will need
  • - instructions to the machine;
  • - means for decalcification;
  • - warm water.
Method clean the machine, which is called decalcification, depends on its structure. So drip, filtration and geyser coffee makers and espresso machines with a removable brew unit clean with running water and conventional detergents, except abrasive.
Wash the device after each use will prevent the build up of limescale. But if it is use the special education funds for decalcification. They are available in the form of tablets or as a liquid.
Pour these funds into the reservoir and add hot water, about 60-degree temperature. Soak specified on the cleaner. Brew 2-3 servings of the drink (without the coffee) and 5-10 minutes to drain excess liquid and rinse the machine by running water.
If the device is a lot of scale, repeat the process again with an interval of 5-10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the entire machine system. For automatic coffee machines without auto-purge function use a special tool.
Place it in the tank and pour about a liter of hot water. Miss 2-3 cups of water through the hot faucet. Cook 2 to 3 servings (without coffee) and stop the machine for 5 minutes. Wait until the cleaning agent settles throughout the system. Repeat until you have used up in the tank all the water. Thoroughly rinse the tank.
For the automatic coffee machine with function of cleaning up the procedure of cleaning the same. After power on the system auto-purge of scale and rinse the unit with warm water. If your coffee maker has a self-cleaning system, activate it. In fact, self-cleaning is run hot water through the system idle before and after coffee, and when turning on and off the machine. When the self-cleaning feature is missing, run a single portion of water to dry without filling with coffee.