You will need
  • - acetic acid;
  • - citric acid;
  • - lemon juice.
In professional coffee makers usually include self-cleaning system. You should fill in a full tank of water, start the corresponding program, not pouring coffee to water passed the entire cycle on empty. Perform this procedure before you to make coffee, and before shutting down the machine. In this case, the scale will be formed slower.
Home models – filtration, drip and geyser, and coffee makers with removable brewing unit for cleaning you can disassemble. Use any mild detergent, but not abrasive to avoid scratching the surface. Disassemble the printer, remove and rinse under running warm water it's cover, filters and other parts. The body of the espresso machine, wipe with a damp cloth, avoiding contact with the water inside. If you will perform these actions often, the scale in the coffee maker formed soon.
But if you notice that the solid salt inside the coffee maker and stuck more to remove them by simply washing is not possible, it's time to use a substance, designed to deal with the scum. They are sold in the form of tablets, powder or liquid. Once you put a few tablets in the powder chute for ground coffee, fill the coffee maker with the hot water, completely filling the tank. Cleaner leave for a few minutes. The duration is usually specified in the instructions on the package. Then run the coffee maker and brew a couple cups of coffee (without it, of course). Brewing water so you will have multiple times in a few minutes, until the water in the tank should not be consumed. After the procedure once again rinse the entire system with clean water.
If your coffee maker has a function anticalc, find it in the menu, select, and 15 minutes later everything is ready. After that, rinse the water tank and pass it through the system with clean water.
Can use one of the most famous traditional ways. One proposal to pour in the coffee a solution of acetic acid in the ratio 50:50 in another lemon or juice from a pair of squeezed lemons. In the acidic environment of the solidified salt is dissolved. Run one cycle with acid (if the scale is powerful, you will have to repeat several times) and then with pure water until wash away the remnants of the acid from the walls of the boiler.
In the future, consider the hardness of your water. If it is soft, frequently clean the coffee maker . But if the water is hard and scale forms quickly, it would be better if you install the water softening filter.