You will need
  • Vinegar, cleaner, large capacity for water.
Experts recommend to carry out preventive cleaning of the gas column at least once a year. If the stream of water becomes less and the column periodically begins to boil, most likely, clogged heat exchanger and drains, which means that it's time to clean. The water contains many chemicals which form scale, to remove the blockages can only be dismantling the column.
You must first Unscrew the water pipes on the inlet and outlet, remove the column from its hinges and flipped upward. With the help of a rubber bulb or disposable syringe to pour about 0.5 liters of vinegar, leave for a while. After placing the column in place, connecting pipes for supplying water. Downstairs to have a large container and enable water to washed all the dirt and scum. Then connect the remaining pipe.
Sometimes, clogged gas burner, which can be determined by the excess soot. If it is not clean, the radiator is clogged with soot and the blade will stop working. Before cleaning gas you need to cover, remove the heater casing and the vacuum to collect the soot and debris in accessible areas and with the burner. After checking, lights up like a torch.
Overheating can also occur due to weak water flow, which may impact the blockage of pipes. It is necessary to check the water flow to the inlet pipes and after. If the flow is weak to entry, it should remove blockages in the pipes and clean the filters if they are installed. If the water flow is less at the exit, you will have to change all the gaskets and cleaned column.
If there is any doubt in their abilities, better to call the gas or the housing office and call a technician during cleaning observe him and ask how to do it right. Next time you can try to clean the gas column own.