Advice 1: How to prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide of hydrogen has found wide application in everyday life and medicine. as a disinfectant and antiseptic, and colorant. During both receiving and using it requires following certain rules.
How to prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide
Peroxide of hydrogen can be used not only to treat the mechanical damage of the skin - small wounds and cuts. Last of a 3% solution of this substance used for the treatment of pneumonia, and various viral, dermatological and venereal diseases. Before the discovery of penicillin peroxide was administered intravenously to people with diseases of the lungs and bronchi.In our days the feasibility of such an application of peroxide of hydrogen disputed. Some experts agree that this practice has yielded positive results, while others claim that the peroxide of hydrogen for oral administration is not suitable. However, its external application is still ongoing.
In order to make a 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen, initially will receive its concentrated solution. The easiest way to get it in the lab - use impacts of metal oxides in dilute sulphuric acid. So, for example, barium oxide in cold conditions, connecting with sulfuric acid, forms peroxide of hydrogen and salt - barium sulfate: BaO2+H2SO4=H2O2+BaSO4 In the industry sulphuric acid is obtained by electrolysis of sulfuric acid, followed by hydrolysis nadkarni acid: 2H2SO4=H2S2O8+2H+ + 2e-,H2S2O8+2H2O=2H2SO4+H2O2 Also peroxide of hydrogen is obtained by oxidation of isopropyl alcohol. It is formed in nature by oxidation of various substances with oxygen. In addition, small concentrations of it found in animal cells.
After the resulting concentrated solution of peroxide of hydrogen, prepare it a 3% solution. To do this, take an enamel bowl, pour water into it temperaturoi about 50 degrees, then add the peroxide of hydrogen in an appropriate amount.Peroxide of hydrogen, in addition to its medical purpose, is also used in industry. For example, it is used for bleaching fabrics and paper. Also, it is a good disinfectant in the food industry. Peroxide of hydrogen - decolorizing agent, and therefore it has found wide application in cosmetology.

Advice 2 : How to gargle with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide – medical means of having a disinfecting effect, familiar to all from childhood. In addition, using peroxide to treat a sore throat. But how to use hydrogen peroxide for gargling?
Gargling with water and peroxide solution can help with colds And SARS
Hydrogen peroxide will help to relieve a sore throat from many diseases. So, in what diseases you can gargle with hydrogen peroxide?

Angina. Moreover, it is possible not only to gargle, but to lubricate it. Smear should be done with care to avoid damage to the tonsils. Using a teaspoon press the language (its root) and a cotton swab dipped in a solution (and a half tablespoons of 3% peroxide one-fourth Cup of water), gently anoint the throat.

Gum disease and the oral cavity (periodontal disease, stomatitis, and so on). In this case, will not even gargling with peroxide and rubbing of this tool, mixed with soda to a paste (up to three times daily).

Chronic tonsillitis. It is better to gargle peroxide in autumn and winter, during exacerbation of the disease. Peroxide is not just to cleanse the mouth and gums, but will wash out tonsils, remove harmful bacteria, remove plaque.

Pharyngitis. Gargle with pharyngitis should be within ten days three times a day (rinse for at least half a minute). It also happens that the hydrogen peroxide when strep throat can be used instead of antibiotics, but be sure to consult with a specialist.

How to gargle

The first thing you need to do solution. You will need two cups. First half-fill with water and add 3% solution of peroxide (1 tbsp). In the second Cup must be a solution for washing away the peroxide (water, soda, and the best chamomile infusion).

To be a bit to drink the prepared solution with hydrogen peroxide without swallowing. Head to tilt back so that the eyes stared at the ceiling. Then you have clearly stretched to pronounce the combination "guuu" without stopping. Then spit and repeat the process again, until, until the solution in the glass is not over. Hydrogen peroxide will clean the tongue, throat, and most importantly – the tonsils can get rid of harmful bacteria. After that, you need to rinse the throat with a solution of the second beaker to remove any residual peroxide.

About contraindications

Hydrogen peroxide for sore throat should not be used if there is a idiosyncrasy of this drug. But overall, this mouthwash is safe, the procedure is prescribed even for pregnant. It is important to follow the dosage, and the effect will not keep itself waiting.

Advice 3 : How to bleach hair with peroxide

The fastest and most effective way to lighten hair is the use of peroxide of hydrogen. But since this is a very active chemical substance, its effect on hair is harmful. They are dried, become dull and brittle, if the procedure is held incorrectly or abused. Despite the fact that produced enough colors, not bringing such harm to hair, many choose hydrogen peroxide.
How to bleach hair with peroxide
You will need
  • tablets peroxide;
  • non - metallic Cup;
  • cream or petroleum jelly;
  • - gloves;
  • brush for paint application to the hair;
  • - wooden or plastic comb;
  • shampoo and conditioner for hair.
If you lighten your hair medium length and thickness, cook 50-60 ml 6-12% solution of hydrogen peroxide. For a more subtle and, conversely, thicker hair, make concentration a little more or less. Prepare a small stock, in the most inopportune moment the solution is not over.
In a glass, plastic or porcelain Cup, pour 30 ml of warm water and soak in it 9 tablets gidroperita. You get 9% hydrogen peroxide solution. Add a little diluted soap to make it easier to apply the mixture.
Lubricate the skin around the edge of the boundary of the hair with a nourishing cream or vaseline to protect her in case of contact with active substances. Put on gloves and start to apply lightening mixture to the hair.
First treat the hair on the back of the head is separate while the strands parted. If you have short hair, start from the roots, long moisturizing solution with all. In conclusion, a wooden comb or plastic comb with a few teeth, put locks on the head and cover the mesh, so they will not fall on the shoulders. To close polyethylene wrap and towel not necessary, otherwise the chemical reaction will occur much heat, and can burn hair.
Follow the process of clarification, when the hair will be the desired tone, rinse them with peroxide and warm water. But be careful not to leave it on the hair longer than half an hour. This time can be more or less depending on the concentration of the active substance.
Wash your hair with shampoo and apply balm for 20-30 minutes. Care for the bleached hair, make a mask, moisturize them with oils. Never brush wet. After the regrowth of dark roots repeat the procedure of clarifying, trying not to put the bleach on the already bleached sections.

Advice 4 : How to lighten arm hair with hydrogen peroxide

A common problem faced by mostly brunettes are dark arm hair. Use of razors and other mechanical means for their removal leads to the fact that hair start to grow faster and become more rigid. The best option in such a situation can be called bleaching them with hydrogen peroxide.
How to lighten arm hair with hydrogen peroxide
You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - ammonia;
  • - powder of sodium bicarbonate;
  • - glassware;
  • - rich cream.
Purchase in a pharmacy bottle with a 30-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide and packaging of ampoules of ammonia (ammonia solution). If the house has no soda, then buy it at the pharmacy (called the powder of sodium bicarbonate).
Before embarking on lightening hair on hands with hydrogen peroxide, read the warning labels on the bottle with this tool. To study it, and be prepared for the fact that this substance is a very strong oxidant and can damage the skin.
In a glass or porcelain dish (best in a tall glass) and dilute a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Mix the liquids in equal amounts. In any case, do not use a concentrated solution, can get burned!
In another bowl (in this case, it's like a porcelain bowl) mix 50 ml of the prepared solution of hydrogen peroxide with the contents of the vials of ammonia. To the mixture add one teaspoon of the powder of sodium bicarbonate.
Do not rush to immediately apply the obtained reagent on the entire surface of the skin. First check for an allergic reaction. To do this, fold the hands, apply a light touch porcelain spoon-one drop of the mixture and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. To bleaching proceed only in the absence of redness and severe itching of the skin.
The same spoon brush the hair on the hands with the mixture. Remember to RUB the chemical into the skin it is not necessary to particularly tender areas are not affected, apply a fatty cream.
Wait for the result for about one hour. Be prepared for a slight tingling or burning sensation, but if it will intensify and become unbearable, immediately rinse the mixture with the hands, without waiting for the expiration of the allotted time.
After one hour rinse the applied mixture with hands using warm water discomfort will be less and the skin gets red.
Be sure to apply on the treated areas of the skin, it is best reserved for kids.
Be prepared for the fact that the skin on the hands within couple of days will be somewhat more light in the places where they lighten hair.

Advice 5 : How to use hydrogen peroxide

Nature has taken care of the human immune system. Her white blood cells and granulocytes, produce peroxide of hydrogen, which, decaying, allocates atomic oxygen. Without it there can be no bioenergetic reaction. At the same time, the peroxide of hydrogen destroys any pathogenic flora: fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Great job on popularizing the use of peroxide of hydrogen patients did doctor of medical Sciences Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin.
How to use hydrogen peroxide
You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • - baking soda;
  • - lemon.
Peroxide of hydrogen is a drug of wide action. When the pain in my throat starting sore throat or a cold it is recommended to dilute 1 teaspoon of peroxide in 50 ml water and gargle with this solution 5-6 times a day the mouth, holding the solution in your mouth for 15 seconds.
With periodontal disease, bad breath, bleeding gums, prepare the following composition. Take half a teaspoon of baking soda, drip a few drops of lemon juice and 15 drops of peroxide of hydrogen, mix. Then, this composition gently RUB the gums and clean the teeth. Within 10-15 minutes, do not drink, eat or rinse your mouth.
For the treatment of painful areas prepare the following solution. 50 ml of water, pour 3 tablespoons of peroxide and mix the solution. Moisten a cotton cloth in it and apply as a compress on the sore spot for 2-3 hours. Then this is the place you can wipe not diluted 3% peroxideYu hydrogen. In Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis is recommended to wipe the whole body.
Also peroxide can be taken orally. Start with 1 drop three times a day, diluted in 1 tablespoon on the second day – 2 drops three times a day, etc. bring to 10 drops dissolved in a spoonful of water three times a day. Then break for 3 days. Begin to reduce from 10 drops to one under the old scheme. You can take unlimited time, depending on health.
Contraindications ingestion of bleach is the only idiosyncrasy.
Useful advice
Hydrogen peroxide restores the balance of all body systems – digestive, immune, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, and energy. Pre-requisite peroxide is that it should take on an empty stomach. The author of the method of purification of peroxide recommends that a preliminary cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract, enemas, and herbs.
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