You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents for the land plot and the existing structure;
  • - documents for the facility under construction;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - the act of transfer and acceptance;
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • receipt for registration.
If you build a house on land that is owned and it has a dilapidated structure and the objects of unfinished construction for which the permit according to the rules of the law "On urban planning", then you have to prepare all the documents for the old house and land. Get the extract from the cadastral passport of the land plot in FUSCH, cadastral passport at home in the BTI.
You'll need to present in FUHRT all permits, construction certificate, the architectural project and the sketch on the unfinished construction object, cadastral extract and a certificate of ownership of the land and the old house, the statement and register their rights of ownership of the unfinished construction.
If you received a plot of land for construction in the course of the auction, please contact local municipality, submit a construction certificate, a construction permit, your passport, the application for the assignment of rights to the land. On the basis of the decision of the administration you will be able to register the transaction in PPRC.
For registration of rights of ownership of the object under construction for your buyer you will need a contract of purchase and sale, furnished to the notary or simple written form. Be sure to get a notarized authorization from all co-owners of the land and the dilapidated structure, if it exists on the site.
Also you need to present in FPRC certificate of ownership to unfinished construction object, technical passport, permit, project, and sketch. To obtain the technical passport, contact BTI, call a technician. You prepare all the technical characteristics of the object in the form in which it is at the time of sale.
FPRC formalize ownership rights to your buyer, then he should contact the district Department of architecture and urban planning to modify the data in the permit and the construction passport. Photocopies of documents present in the BTI and local administration.