You will need
  • - passport of the seller and the buyer;
  • - cadastral extract on the land and unfinished house;
  • - notarized authorization;
  • - the contract of sale or assignment;
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • - statement to the administration;
  • - statement by the Department of architecture and urban planning;
  • - construction certificate and the resolution;
  • - lease agreement.
If you want to buy unfinished house and make the rights of ownership in accordance with article of the Federal law No. 122-F3 from 21.07.97 of the year, your seller must have a certificate of ownership not only to land but also to the object under construction.
For the transaction, the seller should obtain notarized permission from the other spouse, if the rights of ownership to construction in progress was registered in wedlock (article 256 of the civil code, article No. 34 of the RF IC). At registration of property rights for construction in progress on the seller is obliged to obtain written consent from all owners (article 244 of the civil code).
The unfinished building and the land plot it is necessary to obtain cadastral extract and copy of the cadastral plan. At home extract gives the BTI, the plot – FUSCH.
Sign a contract of sale in accordance with articles No. 130 and No. 219 of the civil code, write the act of transfer and acceptance and submit all documents with your application, passport and payment receipt for registration, FUHRT.
After 30 days, when your ownership of this register, refer to the documents to the Department of architecture and urban planning for changes to the permit and construction certificate.
If you buy an unfinished house with unregistered title, the seller must have a certificate of ownership to the land plot, the cadastral extract of FUSCH, notarized authorization from all co-owners of the land and from the second wife, if the land was purchased in a registered marriage.
Will draw up a contract of sale of land and contract assignment of contract for an unfinished building. This is best done at the notary office, which would take into account all requirements of the law at the time of the transaction.
In FUHRT you will register only the right of ownership of the land. With the certificate of title to land, contract assignment, with the application and your passport, contact the Department of architecture and urban planning. Permit and construction certificate for construction in progress, to renew in your name. To register ownership rights to the house you will be once completed it will be put into operation.
If the land to be leased in the course of the auction, contact the seller to the local administration. Please submit a contract assignment. You will renew the rental agreement, which you register in PPRC.