You will need
  • - application to the migration service;
  • application in the address table.
Registration at the permanent place of residence or place of temporary stay is carried out by territorial body of the Federal migration service on the basis of RF Government decree No. 713. All data transferred to the shared database of the Federal office of migration service, and in the address tables, working throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. To obtain information on the basis of a personal application, upon presentation of a passport.
If you are planning to know the address of permanent or temporary registration by phone, you will have to give a landline number to which you are applying, to call the name of the owner, home address, and to provide information about yourself. All calls are charged on the drawn number will receive the account which will have to pay for, so before you use someone else's phone, notify the owner and get his permission.
Address tables give information not only when applying by phone, hospital kiosks are functioning in all regions of the Russian Federation. Most often they are installed in the area of railway stations, stops of local trains and buses, in airports and in the city centre. Please contact one of the branches of the address table, fill out a request, pay for the service. Within 1 hour you will get the information you need.
In addition to the target table, you can personally contact any branch of the Territorial migration service. Apply, enter everything about yourself and all the information about the person whose address you plan to learn.
You will be informed when you will be able to obtain information about the address of permanent or temporary registration. Most often, information is provided on the same day, in some cases information will be provided within 5 working days from the date of treatment.