You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - initial capital;
  • premises;
  • - communication with suppliers;
  • - experienced seller.
Before you engage in business in the village and open a shop, you must define the target group of products that will be popular and you attract customers. Such goods in rural areas are, of course, foods (bakery and sausage products, dairy products, cereals, fruits and vegetables, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks). So you need to open a grocery store.
Identify those products that should always be in the sale. This plan reserves to popular products are on sale daily, and properly build relationships with suppliers of goods. This factor gives you the respect of customers.
Keep in mind that the range of rural shops are always different, i.e. it includes all the Essentials. Do not try to buy several varieties, for example, of the same cookies, because most of the product you cannot sell. Survey your customers on what products they want to see in the store.
Recognizable brands of goods that are popular in the city, sometimes may not be popular with the residents of the village. Usually, people come to the store for a specific product without knowing its brand and manufacturers. Therefore, an experienced salesperson will be able to assist the customers and help them choose the right product.
Divide the items in your store on the appropriate categories: bakery products, dairy products, meat, sausages, fish, candy, etc.
The salesman at your store should be sociable and conflict-free person who can find common language with absolutely different people. Many villagers perceive the seller as his friend, and the store is a place where you can chat with the villagers. It would be nice if the first months of your outlets you might have to stand behind the counter to meet with potential clients, and the villagers recognize you.
A big plus of the shop in the village will be that rent space in the village will not cost you very expensive.
Opening a grocery store in the countryside is the key to your success, but keep in mind that depending on the population, the development of priority sectors of livestock and crop production a profitable business sectors are: farming, beekeeping, production of frozen vegetables and fruits, flour production, greenhouse business, poultry, farming of strawberries, etc.