The first step for such a celebration, of course, is his preparation. Consider the script of the festive day and the venue. It can be sitting at home with relatives, or with other invited kids. Fun for kids will be the trip to the children's activity centres, trampolines, slides. There is usually always music and lots of balloons.
Get a group and invite home puppet theatre or arrange it yourself with the help of other moms. Choose a simple and accessible story, such as "the Gingerbread man", "hen", "the Turnip."
It is not necessary to conceive just sitting at the table. Play with the kids educational games, like "guess the animal". Adult publishes the voice of the animal, and the child guesses it shows on the picture. Fun is the game in the Train. All participants line up in the train, sit down and depict a crawling caterpillar. Team lead it there, to sit down, it starts to wash, that is, to stretch.
Trying to children it was not boring and interesting, do not forget about gifts for the children. It can be pleasant trifles in the form of balls, books, stickers and more.
Once you have decided on the venue of the festival and its screenplay, it's time to think about the decoration of the room. Look spectacular garlands, balloons, decorative butterflies, flowers. You can draw the wall newspaper in the form of a caterpillar or train, where you paste a photo of your baby.
Do not rush immediately after the spill of the child to give him gifts. First show him the jewelry say that it all came tonight. The next half hour the baby will be closely at the surprises to throw balls.
You can then proceed to the gifts.
The best baby gift for 2 years is undoubtedly a toy. The boys will be happy machine, designer large parts, the set of plastic tools. Girl you can buy doll furniture, baby carriage, kitchen with utensils.
A good gift would be a book with fairy tales, animals, children's Board game, puzzle and other toys that develop thinking and fine motor skills of the baby.