You will need
  • Manual definition of rules, detailed printout of incoming numbers.
First consider the General dialing rule, when you know the basic information, you will be easier to navigate to find out where call. When dialing international and long distance numbers from a landline you need to make the following set: 8 – whistle – then the area code and the phone number for long distance connection and an 8 - beep – 10 – country code – city code – phone number.
After analyzing this information, you can easily determine the territorial affiliation of the call on the home phone. When you call the number on your cell phone for long distance dialing using a combination of +7 – city code – phone number, for international calls dial +country code – city code – phone number.
Now that you know the basic combination of digits when dialing, proceed to the definition code of the country. In any telephone directory or online to find a list of the telephone codes of the countries, referring to the above-mentioned scheme of the set defined by the country or similar is a city, whence called.
There are times when calling to you, hid your cell phone number. Often hide rooms with the purpose of extortion, draw or intrigue the man. There is a way to calculate a good sense of humor is an automated service subscribers, its number 0880. Please contact at this number, an automated voice explain in detail the sequence of steps to specify the password, and the menu remove/add services add service - Internet service to subscribers.
The following method is the operator of the service, which allows you to define any number including hidden, buy it once and in future the number will be determined automatically.
One option definition a call is to order a detailed printout of your incoming numbers to your phone, in this case, indicates the caller's number, including those that were hidden. If you are bugged on the landline, and to determine the caller is not possible, your network operator provides this service as a "defining malicious call", is a set of numbers, a detailed manual provides the communication node with which easily established phone callers.