Proven and common, but not the most recommended method is applying a tattoo to a scar. Not recommended this solution because: - the scar can be at a location which is totally unsuitable for tattooing;
- on the site of the scar skin is already pretty severely damaged, a tattoo could make things worse;
- the tattoo may eventually bore you. Therefore it is better to resort to other options for concealing the scar.
Smooth fresh scars and scars can help special ointments creams. But the desired effect is achieved not always. It all depends on your skin type and condition of the scar.
The most reliable way to get rid of scars and scarring — to appeal to professionals cosmetic and surgical centers. Most likely, you will be offered two treatment options.Option one: the introduction into the skin smoothing preparations. But this method, as well as the ointment, is not for everyone, because the decisive criterion is the type and characteristics of the patient's skin.Second option: laser resurfacing — today is the most common and effective method of removing scars. He, like others, has not only positive aspects but also negative side. The advantages of this method is undoubtedly its effectiveness. Laser resurfacing can help even in the most difficult cases, it gives opportunity to remove the scar, not to hide it. The only contentious issue is the price — not everyone can afford it.
Option unlikely to have a noticeable effect, is the use of traditional medicine and "old wives" tips. Opponents of plastic surgery and any medical intervention in the body can try to get rid of scars using the power of nature.