Beautiful relief muscles back – the dream of every man engaged in bodybuilding. But not everyone knows how to pump up the muscles of the back. Here are some exercises that will help you to achieve the desired result.
The first exercise is the wide grip chin - UPS. Grasp the bar with a grip slightly wider than shoulders and hang on her. A little lead with your chest, cross your ankles and point the sight on the rail. Pull up, reducing the blade and try to touch the bar with his chest (her top). Without a pause, slowly return to the starting position again and repeat the exercise. It is important that the bar touches your chest below the collarbone or on their level.
The second exercise is the dumbbell pull in slope. In the right hand take the dumbbell and your left palm and put the left knee on a bench, straighten your back and a bit rotten to her. Pull the dumbbell upward arc on itself, reducing the blade. At the top make clear the pause and return to the original position. Repeat desired number of times. Try to pull the dumbbell not to the middle of the abdomen or chest and to his belt.
The third exercise is the pull rod in the slope. Take the barbell so that your hands were slightly narrower than normal grip bench press. Pull back and make the pelvis tilt forward, the neck should fall to mid-Shin. Pull the rod and try to touch it to the lower stomach. Without any delay go to starting position and repeat the exercise again. The load on the lower back has become easier, try to keep your legs in a bent condition.
The fourth exercise – traction unit wide grip sitting. Sit on the simulator so that slightly bent feet located on the support, and in hand take the handle. Raise your head and rotten back. Pull the handle to the middle of the abdomen, reducing the blade. After a distinct pause return to the starting position. During the exercise try not to round your back and do not tilt the head backward, forward.
Fifth activity – mixing blades on the lower block. Attach a long stick to the bottom of the block and sit in front of him. Take a wide grip handle, with back straight and hands at chest level. Hands do not bend, and just try to shoulder blades while you zoom in to his hilt. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise again. Please note that the shoulders did not rise up when performing exercises.