You will need
  • - repair kit interior car;
  • - thin fabric;
  • - the scalpel.
For the restoration of the seat will need a special repair kit interior car interior. Pick up a set depending on the type of material covering the seat. It can be set to repair leather, velour or fabric of the seat.
If the damage resulted from burn-through by pulling the material around the hole, gently flatten or cut with a scalpel these shrunken areas. Despite the fact that the hole will become bigger as it is better to restore.
On the inner side of the hole Conn special reinforced mesh, which is included in the restoration kit. Putting, her iron Teflon Ironing at a temperature not exceeding 125 degrees, otherwise, the grid may melt. Between it and the pad will set a flap of thin fabric. For reliable fixing of mesh, iron should be within 10 – 15 minutes.
After you install the spacers in the form of reinforced mesh, apply to the area within the holes of the repair part from the kit. As a rule, it is a powder, melted by heat treatment and filling the hole.
Poured on the damaged area with a layer of powder, cover it with a special Teflon coated iron and flat irons 10 – 50 seconds. Let the melted composition to cool. To expedite this process, apply a cooling bag.
While the composition cools down, prepare a mixture that allows you to recreate the texture corresponding to the colors of the damaged area. Take out repair kit a special two-component composition, and squeeze in equal amounts on the spatula. Mix and apply on the nearby surface of the seat. In five minutes, and the coating has hardened, and on its reverse side will remain the smallest in the cast.
The finished copy of the texture "imprint" on the treated area. To do this, apply on the damaged area with a second layer of powder on top of it – cast and iron it all flat irons, putting a Teflon gasket.
Using color fans pick the color best suited to the repaired surface. Opposite color has a special code that you find in the catalogue with a precise description of the method of preparation of the tint.
Following the instructions, prepare the paint, take the necessary components from the kit. Special gun to apply the paint to the repair area and allow to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. If the surface of the seat fleecy – like tone will need to pick up lint contained in the kit in jars.