You will need
  • - material;
  • - tracing;
  • - drawing utensils;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - automotive leather;
  • glue.
Disassemble the saddle. It is necessary to lift it and Unscrew all the bolts that attach the hinges. Undo the screws very carefully if a motorcycle is old, they could rust. In this case, it is necessary to exert considerable force to move the bolt.
Look on the back side of the main seat seam and gently his disposal. Remove the old lining. Try to make a pattern. To this end, lay the removed cladding on a sheet of tracing paper and trace them in pencil.
If the old siding came into complete disrepair, the pattern will have to draw on their own. Visit the forum owners of your model of motorcycle. There you will find not only testimonials from those who had moved seat, but the schema for the new covering.
Carefully check the dimensions and accuracy of patterns. Carefully cut it along the main lines.
Pick up the material from which you will make new trim. It is best to use a car skin, because this material is well suited for finishing cars and motorcycles. Its main advantages are the durability and strength.
Choose the skin color, which you will use to cover the seat. You need to choose it so that the saddle is in harmony with the whole motorcycle as a whole. You can use materials of several colors. Then you have to make trim of the several component parts of different colors.
On the back side of the material mark the pattern. Red felt-tip pen or chalk to mark the lines that need to make cuts. Once again check the correctness of the applied markings. Cut out.
Make the first fitting the workpiece into the saddle. Be careful in order to avoid distortions of the material. Billet basting stitch seam. Again make a fitting.
Sew the workpiece along the seams in addition to the main, using thread the same color as the material. Carefully pull the new lining on the saddle. The seat surface and spread with glue to the material seized. Smooth out all the bumps and bubbles.
Sew the main seam. Please re-install a constricted seat back on the bike and tighten all the screws in the hinges.