You will need
  • - Drill;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - Paint;
  • - The skin;
  • Mounting foam.
If the hole in your door looks like in the pictures, there are several options how to do that.
Take the drill and drill 3-4 mm, drill out to the retreating parts of neat holes, one for each. Metal or plastic hooks, threaded into the drilled hole, pull the trough out to the torn edge has docked.
Inside the holes, dispense a small amount of foam for small extensions, not to give a severely depressed pieces to fall inside the door. The edge of the rift promazhte glue and connect as smoothly as possible and tight.
Smooth Board, a piece of plywood or out of the locker shelf (the size of these surfaces needs to be larger than the holes in the doors) cover the hole and secure using the clamps from both sides of the door. In a day remove the clamps, clean up the edges with sandpaper, RUB the place with white glue. When the glue is dry, go over the surface of the former holes, with fine sandpaper again. Choose the proper paint for the repaired piece or vakreste the whole door completely, to avoid differences in tone paint.
If your style allows you to stick in the hole a cool poster or a sign, then go for it - this is the easiest option repair any holes in door or on the wall! Store all sorts of jokes you can find tin signs with different inscriptions and drawings, and if the design of the room will be still something similar, then nobody would think that all these interesting things just cover up the holes!
Order your size beautiful glass ornament of a type of stained glass instead of blank canvases - door will benefit from such a repair.
You can buy self adhesive mirror or set of mirrors (four pieces 30x30 cm), they are not expensive and if you stick along the contour of the wooden reechki or notched borders, you get a very presentable!
Can be aligned, as previously described, the surface to paint in one color, and make or buy a stencil and apply stylish patterns on the surface of the door. It will be very interesting to look at the pattern that follows the element pattern on the Wallpaper or upholstery, made in the same colors. In this case, repaired a hole on door, no one will notice, unlike the version with solid paint.