If you are having persistent pain in the back, you feel that she's numb, you harder to move, consult a neurologist, a rheumatologist or osteopath for advice. It is possible that you will establish the diagnosis: osteochondrosis.
Learn the key factors in the emergence and development of osteochondrosis. Is:- prolonged physical exertion (e.g., while working in the office or at a machine at the plant when the person is long in the same position);- lack of exercise (sedentary life); developmental abnormalities of the spine;- bad habits;- obesity and other diseases associated with the violation of hormonal background (hereditary and acquired);- constant exposure to vibration (at the factory or during driving).
Complete the full survey. Consult with doctors regarding a course of treatment and strictly follow all the recommendations to even more do not start the disease. Usually osteochondrosis of various spine used:- medication (to relieve pain, improve hormonal, sedatives); therapeutic exercise (compose together with the physiotherapists individual complex of exercises depending on your level of physical preparation and medical indications);- various types of massage;- exercises on special equipment (schedule of classes is also selected individually);- physiotherapy (magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, laser treatment, etc.) that are assigned only in the absence of contraindications.
With caution and choose courses of alternative medicine, included in the current practice for treatment of degenerative disc disease. For example, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches) is contraindicated in hypotensive patients and those with poor blood clotting, and acupuncture to people with diseases of the heart and respiratory system.