Advice 1: How to get rid of salt in the back

Salt deposition in the spine is low back pain that can be caused by many reasons. That is why before cleaning, be sure to consult with experts.
How to get rid of salt in the back
If you are having persistent pain in the back, you feel that she's numb, you harder to move, consult a neurologist, a rheumatologist or osteopath for advice. It is possible that you will establish the diagnosis: osteochondrosis.
Learn the key factors in the emergence and development of osteochondrosis. Is:- prolonged physical exertion (e.g., while working in the office or at a machine at the plant when the person is long in the same position);- lack of exercise (sedentary life); developmental abnormalities of the spine;- bad habits;- obesity and other diseases associated with the violation of hormonal background (hereditary and acquired);- constant exposure to vibration (at the factory or during driving).
Complete the full survey. Consult with doctors regarding a course of treatment and strictly follow all the recommendations to even more do not start the disease. Usually osteochondrosis of various spine used:- medication (to relieve pain, improve hormonal, sedatives); therapeutic exercise (compose together with the physiotherapists individual complex of exercises depending on your level of physical preparation and medical indications);- various types of massage;- exercises on special equipment (schedule of classes is also selected individually);- physiotherapy (magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, laser treatment, etc.) that are assigned only in the absence of contraindications.
With caution and choose courses of alternative medicine, included in the current practice for treatment of degenerative disc disease. For example, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches) is contraindicated in hypotensive patients and those with poor blood clotting, and acupuncture to people with diseases of the heart and respiratory system.

Advice 2: How to get rid of a hump on the back

This deposition of adipose tissue, condensed connective tissue in your upper back, popularly called the withers, Wen, widows hump the. For some reason, most of his education are exposed. In the vast majority of cases it occurs after the age of 40-45 years. This little aesthetic outgrowth, precluding the use of the epithet "Swan neck" carries a lot of troubles of a different kind. It is, first and foremost, headache, numbness of shoulder, nagging pain in the spine etc. There are several ways to get rid of the hump on the back and the most effective of them is the complex of simple exercises, each of which should be repeated 20-30 times.
How to get rid of a hump on the back
Take main stand, ie stand up straight, shoulders straighten slightly and move them back. Lift the shoulders, drop, lift, drop.
Initial position: the main stand. Tilt the head forward, then pull it back. Tilt head to left shoulder, then right shoulder. Do the exercises slowly, no sudden movements, otherwise you may feel dizzy.
Main stand. In a circular motion, alternately pull your shoulders back – left, right. Then in a circular motion shoulders – back- left, right. The tension of the shoulder muscles when this should be the maximum.
Arms out to sides, palms facing forward. Sharply pull the hand back (swing should be as tight), return to starting position. Again jerk the hand back, relax.
Bend your arms at the elbows (palms are directed upwards, clenched fists). At the same time and sharply pull the elbows and back. The maximum voltage! Relax. Again – a sharp swing elbows and back. Return to starting position.
Put your hands up (elbows straight, hands in "castle"). Sharply pull the hands back (voltage peak), return to starting position.
Roll on the neck of a hula Hoop. A very effective exercise.
At the end of the set of exercises with your fingers take a little cream (preferably fat) or vegetable oil (preferably castor), which added a few drops of natural essential oils (orange, pine, or rosemary), and apply to the area of the withers. Massage gently with circular movements. The duration of the procedure define themselves, hands usually get tired very quickly. Can take in "helpers" the rolling pin or a special massage and head back to continue the massage in the shoulder area. Much pressure is not necessary pain should not be. At the end of the massage, wipe the skin with wet towel, put on cotton underwear, put on the area of the withers a warm blanket or shawl, and relax.
Useful advice
Don't sleep on the big feather pillows. Buy an orthopedic pillow or sew yourself a pillow in the form of a roller and tightly tamp it buckwheat husks or hay. The pillow should be firm and repeat the configuration of the body in the shoulders, neck and head.

Do not expect instant results from the actions you take. If you will be doing exercises for the back and neck regularly (at least every other day), then approximately 2-4 weeks (all depends on the condition of your hump or neglect) withers first become softer and then will gradually decrease until it disappears entirely. It will take a lot of time.

Do not wait until the hump on your neck will appear. Take the prevention. For her to do the same set of exercises and massage.

Advice 3: How to bring salt from the spine

Problems with joints and spine often occur due to accumulation of insoluble substances, removing in a natural way from the body which is difficult. To get rid of salt it is possible not only by medication, but by using traditional methods.
How to bring salt from the spine
You will need
  • - kettle
  • water;
  • - beans;
  • - gauze;
  • Bank;
  • the teapot;
  • - fridge
  • - Fig;
  • - the roots of the sunflower;
  • - leaves and strawberries.
Please contact your doctor. Specialist will research, diagnose and prescribe a course of therapy. Accustom yourself every morning to drink 100-120 ml of hot water. This should be done in SIP, the process takes 30-40 days.
Take an enamel bowl, fill it with water at room temperature, and pour into a container with 200 g of fof salt. Wrap the bowl with a warm towel or blanket, and leave overnight. In the morning strain the liquid through cheesecloth folded in four. The resulting substrate pour in a Cup and drink twice a day for 100 ml, the remaining solution use for applying compresses to the affected area. Well before doing this to warm up.
Add a figure for the number of years you have lived, for example, 40-year-old woman will need 40 tablespoons. Rinse and pour the grits into a glass jar, add boiling water, close and put in the cold. After 12 hours drain the liquid. Take 1 tbsp rice and boil for 3-4 minutes, eat until half past seven in the morning. Porridge will stay, cover with water and again put in the cold. The starch contained in the cereal, washed away, it enters the digestive tract and removes salt from the body.
Cut the root of the sunflower seed into pieces with a size of about 2 cm Put the raw material into the pot and cover with water, simmer for a few minutes. Liquid pour 3 liters per 200 grams of the substance. Drink it for three days in divided doses during meals. Repeat the welding, you should have a 10-day tea from the same plant. The positive effect is noticeable after two weeks after the start of use. Try in this period to eliminate salty and acidic foods from the diet.
Sign up for massage, therapeutic manipulation can help relieve back strain. Stand up straight, relax. Slowly tilt the head forward and backward, right and left, repeat 6 times. Rotate shoulders three times forward and back. Dilute elbows to the sides. Keep blades. Rotten back forward and backward. Gradually do more exercise, the load is necessary for improvement of blood circulation in the upper part of the spine. Visit a bath, and to replenish the loss of fluid, pre-brew tea and take it with you.
Revise your daily diet, try not to eat fatty meat, bacon, offal, birds and animals. With care use puff pastry, foods with added sugar. Avoid sauces. Can't exclude animal products? Try eating meat with vegetables, so protein is better absorbed, thereby reducing the risk of formation of salts.
Add tea leaves dried or fresh leaves and strawberries. Can mix them with St. John's wort. On 300 ml of boiling water put 50-60 grams of tea, 20 grams of strawberry leaves and 15 grams of St. John's wort. Wait 10 minutes, then drink, diluted with water in a proportion one to one.

Advice 4: Why numb the back

In medicine a condition in which numbs the back, has the term "hypoesthesia". Translated from Latin it means loss of sensation. This condition in 90% of cases is a symptom of a disease associated with severe complications.
Why numb the back
Disorders of the nervous sensitivity of the spine can occur in the following diseases:

1. Hypothermia lumbar.
2. Violation of the impulse along the spinal nerves (infectious diseases, polyneuropathy).
3. Congenital anomaly of blood vessels. This pathology can lead to the disruption of the receipt of useful nutrients to pozvonocna segment.
4. Spondylosis. The accretion due to the formation of bone ties several vertebrae reduces the gap between vertebrate joints that go through the nerves.
5. Low back pain. Simultaneous reduction of height of the intervertebral cartilage in the various sections of the spinal cord. In this condition the numbness formed because of irritation of the many nerves.
6. Intervertebral hernia. In this disease hypoesthesia often associated with regular irritation of the nerve fibers, which compressed the intervertebral disc.

Individual peculiarities

On the probability of loss of sensitivity when exposed to precipitating factors is influenced by the individual characteristics of the person. The constitutional indicators of muscle, fat and nervous tissue each person has their own. It is worth noting that females aged 15 to 45 years due to weak frame formed the "permafrost". For men this condition is characteristic only after 50 years, at a time when there is hormonal imbalance in the body.

In older age, more markedly slows the rate of physiological reactions. That is why this period often freeze back. In addition to these constitutional features can be attached and the following age factors:

- decrease immune system;
- weak expression of the subcutaneous fat;
- decrease muscular frame back;
- slowing the process of heat exchange;
- a blood disorder.

Feeling cold in the back in young girls is not uncommon. The reason for this to date is the subject of several studies. However, it is clear that in this state, formed by the spasm of small vessels in the lower back and extremities.

At the initial stage of the disease, the skin becomes more pale. Formed throbbing pain and tingling. Over time, formed a regular sensation of cold in the lumbar region and intermittent numbness.

Advice 5: What is potassium chlorate salt

Have you ever thought ever about what makes a match? The first thing that comes to mind is sulfur. This is one of the main components, but not the only one. The composition of each match head in addition to sulfur include potassium chlorate salt.
Potassium chlorate salt
Potassium chlorate salt refers to a group of oxygen-containing acids formed by the chlorine. In another way, it is called chlorate of potassium, and its formula is KClO3. It is a poisonous and hazardous substance, which has the most wide application in various industries.

His name potassium chlorate salt owe to the French chemist Claude Bertolle, who in 1786 missed the chlorine through hot concentrated alkaline solution (the formula of the reaction 3Cl2 + 6KOH → 5KCl + KClO3 + 3H2O) and got the potassium chlorate in the form of a white precipitate. Currently, there are other ways of obtaining potassium chlorate, for example the reaction between calcium chlorate and chloride of potassium (potassium chlorate salt is distinguished by crystallization) or by electrochemical oxidation of metal chlorides in aqueous solutions. Potassium chlorate is highlighted if you skip the chlorine gas through a 45% solution of K2CO3 or 30% solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH). At home potassium chlorate salt easily and without special equipment it is possible to get out of the ordinary match heads (the product yield is about 9.5 g of 10 matchbooks) or household bleach.

Chemical properties and characteristics.

Potassium chlorate salt is colorless or white, salted crystals (toxic), soluble in water (100 cm3 water at a temperature of 20 ° C can dissolve about 7.3 g of salt), with increasing temperature the solubility increases. The density is 2.32 g/cm3, molecular weight - 122,55 atomic mass units, the melting temperature is 356оС, the decomposition of the salt begins at a temperature of 400oC. Potassium chlorate when heated, it easily gives off oxygen, the reaction equation 2KClO3=2KCl+3O2.

Because potassium chlorate salt is a strong oxidant, it is extremely dangerous to mix it with easily oxidizable substances (which in their properties are reducing agents) such as sugar, starch, sulfur, red phosphorus, antimony, and soot. Potassium chlorate salt is easily detonated by shock, heat, friction (which we can easily see, using a match), especially dangerous its mix in dry organic matter. If the mixture contains potassium bromate (KBrO3), the possibility of explosion increases. This is because in the presence of bromatom and ammonium salts of the sensitivity of potassium chlorate in admixture with organic substances is greatly enhanced. When working with potassium chlorate salt be very careful! Is extremely unstable explosive that can easily ignite even with improper storage, the chopping or stirring and may lead to death or disability.

The impact on the human body.

Potassium chlorate (like all chlorates) is a toxic substance, and ingestion causes severe General poisoning or death. This is because under the influence of potassium chlorate hemoglobin passes into methemoglobin and then into the plasma, and red blood cells can no longer absorb oxygen. The oxygen content in the blood drops to critical, and within a few hours, death can occur from strangled. If adopted, a smaller dose of potassium chlorate, death may occur in a few days: the erythrocytes are transformed into a gelatinous mass, which clog the capillaries, causing the disorder of urination, as well as thrombosis and embolism. Toxic dose of 8-10 g, mortal — 10-30 g.

Treatment of poisoning potassium chlorate salt is the saturation of blood with oxygen and intravenous saline alkaline, and also a large number of diuretics. After the blood is diluted, under the skin type of the pilocarpine solution for removing poison with saliva. When collapse is assigned to camphor. In cases of poisoning by potassium chlorate is strictly contraindicated alcohol, his drugs as well as acidic drinks.

Where the use of potassium chlorate salt.

The range of application of potassium chlorate is very wide. Potassium chlorate salt is used to retrieve the matches, various dyes, disinfectants, tsvetoprobnyh compounds (fireworks), chlorine dioxide, in the USSR, it was part of the fuse of the Molotov cocktail, cooked in a special way.

Despite the fact that potassium chlorate salt by mixing with organic substances easily detonate as an explosive, it is used extremely seldom – too much risk of uncontrolled explosion. Therefore, for military purposes, compositions with potassium chlorate is rarely used.

Previously, the salt in weak solutions used in medicine as a mild external disinfectant for gargling. Now, due to the high toxicity of salt, this was abandoned in favor of other means.

Advice 6: Sexual orientation: inborn or acquired

Sexual orientation is quite a delicate matter in politics of the whole state, and when discussing personal relationships. Some refer to such people positively, and others trying to reason with, and others accused, and many researchers are still arguing what is in society, the percentage of people with nonconventional orientation.
Sexual orientation: inborn or acquired
Studies show that the appearance of the person with nonconventional orientation is possible as the effect of hereditary traits or conditions of fetal development in the womb, and the education of the person in society. That is, there is definitely only just acquired congenital or inheritance of sexual orientation.
It is known that in nature homosexuality is manifest among many species of animals. Therefore, it can hardly be considered a mistake of nature or a failure. In human society the chances of having a child with gay is 4-5%. That is true of homosexuals who were born with this quality on the planet more than red people. A sign is rather rare, and he appears not all people openly. After all, upbringing, family traditions are important as well. If a child born with gay, a very strict family and traditional environment, it is likely he will not even know what is gay, and certainly will not openly show their feelings.
Only about 10% of babies in the womb have a so-called "homosexual" gene. But at birth, he appears in about half of infants. Therefore, the issues of heredity in homosexuality is not as critical. Parents with a traditional orientation may have a son is gay, and Vice versa, homosexual father's high percentage of birth of the child is quite traditional. This same law applies even in a pair of identical twins that if one was born gay, doesn't mean the second will be the same.
But it is not only in the genes. If the embryo is a boy in the womb receives a higher proportion of female hormones, they can affect the orientation in the future. Often this effect occurs due to stress or hormonal treatment of the mother. Then at birth the child receives the body of a man, but the thinking and behavior of the boy may be female. Most likely such a child, as an adult, aware of my feminine side and become a homosexual. The same thing happens with the female foetus. If a girl gets too many male hormones during pregnancy, they may manifest in her further behavior.
However, all these changes - a genetic or hormonal manifested only a small fraction of the world population. Every human body contains both male and female hormones, but that does not mean that any person can switch from one orientation to another. Similarly, the features of male thinking is typical 10-15% of women, and female - 15-20% of men. But that doesn't make them gay or lesbian.
However, popular culture can greatly affect a person. Today, information spreads so quickly that many phenomena become widespread. If young men and women see every day that homosexuality is perceived as something normal, interesting and attractive, promote it in the anime, movies, TV shows, young people have a natural curiosity. Why not try if it is fashionable? A ban on this topic in a traditional society is perceived by young people as a kind of rebellion against the older generation, the desire to annoy his parents. Therefore, in today's society many see themselves as gays, in fact, are not being.

Advice 7: How to get rid of smartphone addiction

A few years ago, people used the phone only for its intended purpose - to call. Today gadgets are becoming more complicated. A modern smartphone it performs the function of tablet and camera, and game consoles, e-readers, and video cameras. However, this does have a downside: people are so connected with their phones that often are afraid to lose them or just forget.
How to get rid of smartphone addiction
In psychology, the dependence on mobile devices, and cellular communication call nomophobia. The term emerged relatively recently. It stands for no mobile phobia. With this concept the specialists can describe the condition of the person who left the machine at home, lost it, and forgot to immediately put money into the account, to recharge the battery or be in a place where there is no cell phone service. Nomophobia is characterized by growing anxiety, sometimes passing into a panic due to the inability to call someone close to you, and also because of the understanding that they will fail to reach you.
British psychologists have identified three kinds of cellular subscribers. The first type is "unbound", that is, people who can live with a phone without it. For them the camera is just a means of communication. "Prosthetic" in the absence of a phone feel some anxiety, however in principle able to do without a cell phone. "Cyborgs" are, in turn, can not imagine my life without a cell phone, and therefore do not part with it ever.
To once and forever get rid of annoying habits not to be separated from your phone, you first need to honestly admit that you really became addicted. Then should make clear the time during which you won't touch the cell phone. Let your conversation lasts no more than 8-10 minutes - this time will be enough to discuss any issue. If the conversation promises to be a long, invite the interlocutor to discuss your question in person.
Reduce the number of messages sent from a mobile phone. Ideal - no more than 8-10 SMS per day. Place camera cellular home when you go out for a walk with the dog or at the grocery store. During this time, the world will not collapse, and you won't be tempted to send SMS or make another unnecessary call.
At home try to put the phone in any certain place and not carry it with you around the apartment. The night to part with him, do not put it under the pillow. Determine the exact limit of cash that can be spent on communicating on the mobile phone, and strictly stick to it.
SIM card move to your first device, if it's still there, or ask family/friends simple phone with a primitive set of games, no camera, Internet and MDE player. Walk around with such a device, at least one week. It is possible that you will feel an information vacuum, but don't give up! You can fill out and read a book. Read it in the moment when you once again "pull" view site pages or play games on your phone.
You can also apply more stringent method of dealing with their addiction is to turn off your cell phone for a day. This time spend with advantage - for example, go for a walk with the child on a visit to the movie or the theater. If you will be able to withstand such a test, then your situation is not hopeless.
If these methods do not help, you can resort to a more radical way. Take a vacation to a place where there are problems with cellular communication. It can be a forest, mountains, a house with his grandmother in the village or a foreign resort, where you can go to a big minus with frequent communication by cell phone. So you get used to the fact that your phone is always at your fingertips, but it is completely useless. If it's really bad, consult a professional psychologist. Do not be shy. The important thing is that you can feel like a human being, free from addiction.

Advice 8: Homosexuality: disease or normal life

Homosexuality is still poorly understood, but scientists around the world already know whether sexual orientation disease, lifestyle, or inherent nature of a model of behavior.
Homosexuality: disease or normal life
Innate homosexuality is a very rare phenomenon. In fact, people who are born gay, about two percent worldwide. That is, these gay men can meet as rare as conjoined twins.

Hence the fair question: "Then why is there so many supporters of same-sex love?". Only among some of the stars of Hollywood — a lot of people with a different sexual orientation. Actors, designers, singers, models boldly declare their preferences for the same sex. To do it became fashionable. Many fans of the stars begin to imitate the stars of show business. In countries where legalized same-sex marriage, not ashamed to be gay and announce it publicly.

What is it: psycho-physical pathology, the norm or the aberration? On this issue I different specialists from the field of sociology, medicine, psychology. Currently, democratic views are very strong, and people respect other people's choices. Here and there you can find men kissing.

Same-sex love has existed in all times. Many kings are not shy about their affiliation to men and did not hide it. By the way, even among primitive people homosexual contacts were as frequent as heterosexual. Also homosexuality is found in cattle, higher primates and some bird species.

From the history

In countries such as Greece, Persia and Rome love for the boys of the Greeks was required. They believed that intimate relationships with young men adult men had attached it to adulthood. In Ancient Greece for same-sex love was taken very seriously. The relationship between the representatives of the strong half of humanity stood. It was believed that the feelings between men was filled with moral charm.

During the spread of Christianity, homosexuality was considered a mortal sin. Gays began to harass, to humiliate, to punish. Despite this, homosexuality continued to flourish. In the middle Ages in Europe, the members of the monasteries believed that heterosexual contact is an even greater sin than homosexual.


In all times people expressed different assumptions concerning the occurrence of homosexuality. As can be seen, only a few people are born with different sexual preferences. But this is not to say that gays are sick people. They just don't like it. Other men become homosexuals because of the imposed ideals of the imitation of idols, fashion, and psychological trauma childhood.

Advice 9: How to get rid of acne on back and shoulders

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