Advice 1: How to relieve lower back pain

Pain in the lower back can occur for various reasons and not only be inflammatory in nature. Discomfort in the back can be a sign of kidney diseases, bone or genitals, for example, when uterine fibroids. To take painkillers – no way out, need a comprehensive examination and treatment.
How to relieve lower back pain
You will need
  • - non-steroidal drugs;
  • - warming ointment;
  • - turpentine;
  • - sea salt;
  • - pine extract;
  • - mustard.
Contact painnice. After the examination, it will be clear why there is back pain. Depending on the diagnosis you will prescribe a course of therapy. If it is caused by a degenerative disc disease, you will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills and ointments. In other cases, treatment will be aimed at eliminating underlying disease.
Drink all drugs as recommended by a specialist. It is not necessary to do a complete self, not the fact that it will help you cope with the pain. Non-steroidal ointment apply to clean skin of the body 2-3 times a day. Gradually, the mobility of the spine will be restored, and the pain subsides. If you have any side effects, inform your doctor.
Put mustard on the sore spot. Better help mustard packages, as they are more heated. If you have sensitive skin, apply to the back dry heat. Suitable electric heater, and the molten salt is impregnated in a woolen shawl.
Buy ointment with snake venom, it will help to get rid of pain in no time. Apply on the lower back and along the spine of the recommended amount of ointment. To enhance its effectiveness insulate the back with a woolen scarf or shawl. Already a day later the pain subsides. Strictly follow the recommended dosage, as poisonous ointment.
Take a hot bath before bed to ease lower back pain. In water, add sea salt or pine extract. After bathing RUB the back with turpentine and lay down under a warm blanket.
Contact your chiropractor if the pain persists. Osteochondrosis of the spine requires a special massage, especially if the disease is caused by heavy offset disks. Of course, pain medication will help for a while, but to completely solve the problem, need the help of a massage therapist.

Advice 2: How to treat lumbago lumbar

Backache in the lower back is called sciatica or lumbago. Its symptom is acute pain in the lumbar region, aggravated by changing body position, sneezing, coughing. This condition requires immediate treatment.
How to treat lumbago lumbar

Treatment of lumbago in the lower back

Backache in the lower back is usually associated with nerve entrapment, therefore, before treatment should undergo radiography of the lumbosacral spine or MRI to determine the exact cause of the infringement. The most common cause of sciatica is osteochondrosis (salt deposits in the ligaments of the vertebra), spinal disk herniation, arthritis of the hip joint, hypothermia, infection.
Backache can be a symptom of serious diseases.

When you cross you should avoid movements that cause pain. In some cases, it may help the corset, fixing the damaged spine. Compression of the nerve root in Sienna the hole increases inflammation. To treat inflammation, it is necessary to use dry heat (cotton or woolen cloth or garment), special medicines.

When back pain help method postisometric relaxation, its essence is the passive stretching of the back muscles. The patient should lie down on the couch back and grab hold of the headboard. Feet should be slightly over the edge. The assistant should stand in front of the patient, to grab his feet at the level of ankle joints and lift them 20-30 cm, then lean back, pulling them behind him. The effort should increase gradually, so gradually it should loosen. This technique is repeated 3-5 times.

Drugs for the treatment of lumbago in the lower back

When you cross well help pain ointment ("Analges", "Vibrators", "Finalgon", "Indovazin"). Effective application of "security systems" that make once a day. For this you need to moisten the cloth with 50%-s ' solution "Dimexide", place it on the sore spot, cover with plastic wrap, and on top lay a linen or cotton fabric. The application keep for 20-30 minutes, you need to spend 10-15 procedures, perform them on a daily basis.
By reducing bone density prescribers calcium in combination with vitamin D.

To eliminate the swelling around the pinched nerve intramuscularly administered drug "Ketoprofen", "Diclofenac potassium" or "Lornoxicam". These drugs can be taken in tablets. Effective ointment or cream: "Fastum", "Flaxen", "Ketonal", "first days without", "Brufen", "Hotelin". Apply external remedies on the affected area four times daily. Recommended courses receiving cardiovascular drugs that improve blood flow to the nerves ("Cinnarizine", "Vinpocetine"). Good effect is given injections of vitamins B6, B12.
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