You will need
  • Hoop (one or more)
Choose a Hoop that will best suit you. It should not be too heavy, that would not hurt the internal organs during intense workouts. You can select so-called massage Hoop are the hoops that have in their design of massage balls or small spikes, which provide not only the most effective influence on the muscles, burning the excess body fat but also improve blood flow to the pelvic organs than have a positive impact on women's health.
Do the workout. Before proceeding to the rotation wrapshould warm up all the muscles and pulled in different directions. It promotes the most effective result, during training. And in order to better engage the muscles of the abdomen, it is better to do breathing exercises (just a few minutes).
Move your abdomen in a clockwise direction, must adhere to the small amplitude. It is important that the pelvis and the chest remained motionless, the main emphasis should be placed directly on the rotational movement of the stomach. Feet stay as close as possible to each other, the ideal position would be: "Legs together" position is most effective fat burning on the sidesH.
Do exercises smoothly, without jerks, so you can avoid unwanted and incorrect loads on the back).
Spin the Hoop on an empty stomach and directly into the stomach, without clothes. The first time will certainly be bruising, but should not wait until they pass, otherwise the process becomes endless, it is important to continue your training.
Use multiple hoops at the same time. However, during class you need to ensure that they rotate together, not each on its trajectory.