Inventing a thing that I want to do before starting a business it is necessary to resolve the issue with the customers and with the market. If products will sell on the spot, we need to decide what is the most popular and interesting for local residents. Only after that you can start with the implementation of ideas.

In any business you need start-up capital, but it doesn't have to be huge. Even in a small, quite affordable for many sums of money. Perhaps, the greatest costs would be the opening of your store. Need to rent premises and buy goods. In the absence of competitors in the village will be in demand all kinds of products: clothing, footwear, food, household chemicals. We must keep in mind that the more demand there will be not too expensive items because of the villagers are not too many wealthy people who care about product quality, regardless of price. For most when choosing a product in the first place is the low price.

Business premises to rent, buy or build: it all depends on desire and possibilities. In any case, it will be much cheaper than in the city.

In addition, the village can open a farm, raise rabbits or nutria, to breed fungi or grow strawberries, apiary open or to breed crayfish. If you have a big house, able to accommodate a lot of guests, you can do rural tourism. Certainly there are those who wish to relax from the bustle of the city in nature, in peace and quiet. Creating comfortable conditions for vacationers and properly organized advertising campaign, you can get a good profit.

A lot of options and anyone who wants to raise their standard of living, can find something that brings profit and pleasure. In the village there are unlimited possibilities for different classes with any investment. It would be the desire and success will come.