Resident of the village traditionally, the easiest way to organize their work associated with crop and animal production. One of the most lucrative options is the fattening pigs and calves, it is sometimes possible to do without initial costs. Some companies offer to rural residents to take piglets, feed supply and export of finished products. To learn about these businesses in the local organization of farmers.
Traditional demand for vegetable products. Early greenhouse vegetables provide a good income, but costs for construction of the greenhouse. Given that it will serve at least a few years, these costs are paid off. Rural residents can obtain the employment service one-time financial assistance for starting their own business, allowing you to start a business without making its own funds.
As a rule, in villages no workshops on repair of household appliances. If you know anything about electronics, open his own workshop. The necessary experience is acquired quite quickly, in the Internet you can find all the necessary reference books. There is a thematic forums where you can always get advice. With transport, you will be able to serve not only your locality but also all the surrounding villages.
In the villages there is usually no hairdressing salons and sewing workshops, it is also a great options for starting your own business. In many villages the bread being taken out of the city, this situation it is possible to fix it, organizing a small bakery. Over time, you will be able to expand production, supplying its products to the neighboring village.
The options with the repair and sewing workshops, hairdresser and bakery good that these services are always in demand, therefore you will never be without work. In this case, you almost certainly will not face competition because hardly anyone of the villagers will organize the same type of business, knowing that niche is already taken.