All year round people need vitamin vegetables and herbs. In winter, these products are expensive and the spring are incredibly expensive despite the fact that they are grown in most cases in vitro. That is, chemical fertilizers with growth accelerators. The use of these vegetables and greens have no, only harm. Beautiful, but not edible. Growing on his land, some crops of vegetables and herbs and then selling them, you will be able to establish a permanent, well-profitable, fast-payback business.

To run this business you need to equip a greenhouse or a greenhouse so that even in severe frosts in the winter, it was warm. This means that you have to consider heating your greenhouse. Also in advance, prepare the soil for planting.

Take care of the ecological fertilizer and growth activator – compost. Buy seeds of vegetables and herbs. Sow them in boxes for seedlings. The most popular among consumers are the main vegetable crops, this radish and cucumbers, sometimes tomatoes, and greens – dill, chives and parsley.

When the seeds germinate, thin out them. It is necessary that young shoots are not crushed each other and did not stop to grow. A month after planting, transplant them into the prepared soil of a greenhouse, specially equipped beds. Four weeks later, sow a new batch of seeds in boxes for seedlings.

When new seedlings germinate, it too will thin out. After another month after germination new seedlings harvest from the greenhouse. In year four you will harvest.

As the land also needs rest, that on the recommendation of agronomists is not recommended to plant the same crops in the same bed. That is, if the garden grew radishes, but now it is necessary to plant the dill. If growing dill, you need to plant cucumbers. Where grown tomatoes, plant a radish, and so on.

Remember to fertilize garden beds after harvest. The land also needed feeding. Compost can not only dig soil they can to water your planting. Proper irrigation this fertilizer guarantees a good harvest.

So as not to burn the stems and leaves of planted vegetables and herbs, one part compost diluted with twenty parts of water. This solution poured over each plant separately from the root system, not more often than once per month. Then your products will all the parameters to outperform the competition.