You will need
  • meat;
  • - fruits and dried fruits;
  • - vegetables;
  • - juices.
Note that when a strong iron deficiency anemia changing your diet can be a Supplement to medical treatment, but a small deviation from the norm with proper nutrition it is possible to raise the hemoglobin to a normal level. Iron should not only be in foods in sufficient quantity, but also to be easily digestible for the body.
Add in the diet is one of the most effective means of increasing hemoglobin - beef tongue and meat (beef), Turkey, rabbit, meat, fat fish. Veal absorbed more iron – 22%, and from other types of meat a little less. Contains a lot of iron in beef and pork liver, but eat it in large quantities is not necessary.
Pay attention to seafood, they are also very useful. Of sea fish absorbed about 11% of iron, while 100 grams of cooked clams contain almost the daily norm of iron for humans.
Absorbability of iron from plant foods is much lower – no more than 3-4%. Add in the diet of beans or soy, pomegranates, apricots, strawberries, pumpkins, watermelons, peaches, apples. Very useful to drink pomegranate, carrot and beet juice, but no more than 1/2 Cup a day. Buy products that are specially fortified with iron, they this item is in special available for the body form.
To iron is better assimilated, along with foods containing iron, eat vitamin C. for Example, drink tomato or orange juices in a dish, add sweet pepper or lemon juice.
Please note, some products, on the contrary, hinder the absorption of iron is milk, eggs, tea, coffee, cheese. They should be consumed separately, some time after foods rich in iron.
Instead of tea and coffee, drink rosehip infusion tea with lemon juice, decoction of leaves of buckwheat or dandelion. Don't forget about fresh air – a frequent and long walks will increase appetite and improve the absorption of iron by the body.