You will need
  • Mercury or electronic thermometer, pen, paper, rapid tests for determining ovulation, money, ultrasound, blood test for hormones.
In the determination of ovulation in case of irregular cycle, use of hormonal monitoring is difficult. This is due to the fact that to find out what day analysis of progesterone is quite difficult. As a rule, such analysis gynaecologists prescribe for 5-7 and 18-22 day cycle with an irregular period is likely to be not significant. Because the level of this hormone, like progesterone, revealing in the middle of the second phase of the cycle, and if it is not regular, then guess the middle of the difficult. Analysis of the hormone carried out in the wrong time, may result in setting of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment assignment.
When tracking an ovulation test, when an irregular cycle could also be a problem. It is quite difficult to guess the time when you need to start testing, because of this, you may need to purchase is not one of the package tests. Do not forget that the presence of chronic stress, quite common in modern women may result in a permanent increase in the level of LH (the pituitary hormone), which can lead to the emergence of diagnostic strips on the test, regardless of the presence of ovulation.
Another way to determine ovulation may serve as a method of measurement of basal temperature. This is done in the rectum in the morning, not getting out of bed, after 6-8 hours of continuous sleep. Data must be carefully recorded, if there was a night climbs, sexual intercourse the day before, raising overall body temperature or other variation – it can cause an increase in basal temperature should be taken into account in a separate column. Before ovulation the basal temperature falls sharply, and the next day after sharply rising. Of course, you can learn about ovulation only after the temperature jump, but even that can help in the subsequent around to know the number in which it occurs. Estimate the schedule needed doctor. But don't forget that 5% of women the basal temperature is not significant.
The most accurate way to determine ovulation with an irregular cycle is ultrasound monitoring. It can be used to assess the presence and growth of the dominant follicle, the condition of the endometrium, to detect the yellow body formed in place of the ruptured dominant follicle. If the cycle length is unknown, then the first ultrasound should spend on his 10th day, since the growth of the dominant follicle, typically 2 mm per day, and ovulation occurs when it reaches the size 20 to 24 mm, it is possible to accurately calculate the day of ovulation. After diagnosing ovulation on ultrasound can measure the level of progesterone.