You will need
  • - foam;
  • roulette;
  • knife;
  • - scissors;
  • pen or magic marker;
  • - batting;
  • - upholstery material: linen, teak, calico, or other;
  • - a sewing machine.
Measure the width and length of the bed. Also, if you have wooden sides, be sure to consider them when planning the thickness of the mattressand, as if they would bulge bed use is not as convenient.
Buy store thick foam. Note that when the thickness is less than 10 cm to sleep is hard enough, the best option would be multiple layers stacked on top of each other.
With a pen or marker, draw on the foam pattern mattress. If it will consist of several parts and two layers, make each layer a separate pattern that the lines of junction of the plates did not match.
Cut the foam according to the drawn lines. Thin layers can be cut simply with scissors, and for cutting thick layers call assistant. One of you needs to push the half, and the other with a sharp knife lead is gently drawn the line. You can do without an assistant, while hold one part of the cut cloth with a heavy object or Vice.
On top of a foam layer, put one or two layers of batting or other material that the mattress has become more hygroscopic, without the extra padding in the summer to sleep too hot. Will have plenty of batting to the exact size of the mattressand cut along the marked line.
Take the material for plating, it may be a tight calico, teak, linen or other natural fabric. Make the pattern, mark the length and width of the mattressand at the sides, add distance equal to the thickness. Furthermore, consider the seam. If you would like to have the opportunity from time to time to wash the cover, make it removable. For this, consider the overlap as pillow cases, or sew a zipper.
First stitch all cross stitches, sewn them. Sew the zipper or panel edge overlapping. Then grasp the side seams, fold them corners on the width of foam rubber and sew, the seams are sewn or sew zigzag. Fold the cover accordion and gently pass him to the mattress with batting, making sure everything went smoothly.