You will need
  • old spring mattress;
  • - nails and hammer;
  • stapler;
  • - slats with a thickness of 2 cm and a width of 7-10 cm;
  • - soft cord with a diameter of 2-5 mm;
  • - lining fabric (canvas or burlap);
  • - soft cushion (foam, batting or a synthetic winterizer);
  • decorative upholstery.
Restoration of a spring mattress – it is very dusty, so make it on the street. If it is not possible to do repair work on the street, prepare a vacuum cleaner.
Flip the mattress decorative padded down and put on 4 stool so that from all sides it can be free to go. Remove all outer fabric and soft cushion - this will remove all staples and nails. Remove the burlap, you will gain access to the springs.
Cut away from the springs tying of the cord and pull out the frame all the nails to which it is bound. If the springs bottom nailed to wooden rails, leave it as is, will only strengthen a torn or loose springs. To do this, fasten them to the rails and bend nails. Adjust all springs, putting them vertically so that the top was about the same level.
If the springs are attached to wooden rails with woven straps, remove the straps and secure each spring with nails, as in the first embodiment. Align the spring on the level.
If, instead of slats in the mattress has been used stretched woven straps, replace them with wooden slats. To do this, select the frame on the place where was located the tape, pull the nails and remove the worn belts.
Then cut out the slats with a width of 7-10 cm, thickness 2 cm and length equal to the width of the mattress. At the marked locations on the frame will cut out the slots for the rails, then nail the slats nailed on each side.
Place the spring just as they were located at old tapes, correct them and nail, bend both the upper and the lower part of the nail.
After all the springs will be firmly and smoothly fixed to the frame, slide rail springs with a soft cord with a diameter of 2-5 mm. in front of each row of springs drive in nails of 50 mm and lightly fold. Tie all the springs of the mattress width, length and angle of 45?.
Make sure all the springs are the same length and panel mattress lining fabric (canvas or burlap), securing its perimeter with a staple gun or upholstery nails. In the corners lay the material with a scarf.
Lay a cushion of soft foam, synthetic padding or batting and pin in several places to the lining fabric. Top cover the mattress, decorative cloth, neatly with tucked edges.