Small children quite a long time during the day is carried out in the stroller, but not always for baby manufacturer equips fully comfortable place for sitting and sleeping.

You should not torment the child, you can make the stroller more comfortable, made for a certain size cozy mattress. To do this, use sheet foam, fabric, thermofiber, scissors, thread, sewing machine, ruler, tailor's needle.

The technology of manufacturing of the mattress

Fabric and foam before any work is preferable to wash and the fabric after drying, and still need to be ironed. Then you can proceed to the measurements of the interior space of the stroller, it needs to determine the length and width of the bottom of the structure, and limit the dimensions of the mattress. Its thickness will depend on the thickness of the foam. In the example to be considered is the mattress, the dimensions of which are equal 74х34х2 see

The foam should be a draw, and then cut out shape with sides equal to 74х34 cm of fabric should form a couple of equal rectangles, the width of each will be determined on the basis of the width of foam rubber, to which should be added to its height and 2 cm, which will be used on the seams. The same technology should be calculated and the length of the product. In the example, such rectangles are equal to the dimensions 78х38 see

Sewing work

The resulting blank of fabric is needed to fold, calling to each other front side, then you can stitch the 3 sides. Then case need to turn out, and then you can insert the foam in its interior space. After the edge you need to wrap it inside, pinned them with pins. The next step will be stitching zigzag. This work can be considered complete, it says that the fruit of the crafts you can try, placing him in the stroller.

As a complement to the mattress can be made a pillow, it will make the stay of the baby in the stroller is comfortable and the overall look is not compromised by the use of cushions made in a different style. Originally should be formed of a fabric and thermofiber a pair of rectangles, whose dimensions are equal 30х22 see a Product that can complement the ruffles, and for its production should be cut from the fabric strip with dimensions equal to 12х110 see the Strip should be folded in half, forming a crease.

The ruffle needs to be attached to the wrong side of one rectangle. You can then combine the layers of the pillow, pinning them with needles, this will allow the product to stitch around the edge, leaving a 10 cm to turn the pillow. Removing the product, you can tuck the inside edge, to fix them, and then do a zigzag stitch.