You will need
  • Material, scissors, measuring tools, sewing machine.
To begin, make measurements of the mattress, pillows and blankets, because of these elements consists of a set of bed linen. Then count the number of fabric and consider how best to produce a cutting to save material
In order to sew a duvet cover, make a pattern on the quilt's dimensions. On each side leave the seam, is usually enough for these purposes from 0.5 to 1 cm of the fabric. The cutout under the blanket in the duvet cover can be positioned in the centre of it, and any of the parties on each side. Cut edges can be decorated lace openwork embroidery or ribbons. Cut items of duvet cover fold right sides and stitch around the perimeter. Edge treat "zigzag."
The pattern for the sheets is done by 10-20 cm larger than the mattress. Don't forget to cover all edges and seams iron.
For sewing the pillowcase you need to make a pattern of 1 cm more than the size of the pillow on three sides, and the fourth for the clearance of the valve 10. fold right sides down and sew so that one of the pieces performed. If desired, you can use lace, embroidery, ruffle....