Advice 1: How to sew bumpers for Cribs

Currently in the shops of children's goods sold by a huge number of ready sets for Cribs baby. But every mother wants for their child something unusual and individual. Therefore it is best to stitch the skirting on the bed on their own, choosing the fabric is the desired color and texture. The style of the rim you can do anything - both whole and separate.
How to sew bumpers for Cribs
You will need
  • - fabric 5.5 m width 110 cm;
  • - foam 2 m width 150 cm, thickness 1 cm.
Measure the child's bed across the length and width.
Transfer these dimensions onto the fabric with a pencil. But you can certainly make the pattern on paper, whatever you like.
Cutting the fabric the whole way. All side and front parts of the rim.
Sew all the edges of the rim, with one edge not sewn.
Make a marking on the foam. The size of the foam must be less than the size of the fabric 0.5 cm from each side.
Cut out the foam.
Ready stitched foam stick in your case, through the unsewn edge.
All smoothly spread and sew the edge by hand. It will be easier to undo to remove the cover and wash.
Sew ribbon-ties on the corners and in the middle of the rim.
Finished side panel wavy ribbon.
The amount of fabric depends on its width.
Before sewing the fabric needs to be washed to eliminate the possibility of shrinkage.
Useful advice
You can take the calico, cotton, cotton.
That was easy to stick in the foam case, it can be covered with satin or lining fabric.

Advice 2 : How to sew most everything in the crib

If you don't want to buy kid's bed linen and the side in the crib, you can do it yourself. To create a unique design of the bed the child should have only sewing skills on the sewing machine at the beginner level and, of course, desire.
How to sew most everything in the crib
First make the measurements of the crib. Standard sleeper baby is 120 cm in length and 60 in width. First stitch the side in the crib. They represent the rectangles that bound to all four sides of the crib ribbons, their goal is to protect the baby from hitting the wooden parts. Choose fabric for the boards. It can be with the addition of synthetic fibers, as long as the material was thick enough. Also purchase 4 zipper that you sew in the side, and thin foam on a solid substrate to fill the sides, so they will keep shape.
Make pattern boards. Two small planes have dimensions of 60 by 40 cm, two long борта120 40. Each Board is a plain bag with zipper, sewn on the long side, which is inserted into the foam of the appropriate size. Before sew the sides of each Board, attach to the inside bent in half tape length of 60 cm and a width of from 3 to 7 cm Place tape on the four edges of the Board, long Board, add two strips in the middle at the top and bottom. You can use tape or make a tape yourself from color-matched fabric, important to choose the cotton material, as satin ribbon will always be untied. When stitching on the sewing machine make sure the tape edge does not come under the needle. Remove received Board vacate in his zipper and put the foam. One side can be not rectangular, and shaped, for example consisting of a rectangle and a semicircle on it, and decorate around the edge with a border of linen tape.
Bedding for cots is also possible to sew yourself. For underwear, choose cotton or satin fabric printed with children's drawings. Sheets for beds of these dimensions must be 100 cm 150-160 cm Add-to-size sheets fabric for hems, tuck the edges and route the lines on the machine. A duvet cover may be sewn into an existing blanket based on its size. Side in the fabric leave an opening for blankets, smoothen the edges. The size of the pillowcase is 40 to 60 cm, but keep in mind that children under one year to sleep without a pillow so that sewing pillow cases can be postponed for a year, maybe more.
Diaper buy cloth fabric from flannel and soft cotton. Now kids at night not swaddled, so the cradle is not required, as our mothers and grandmothers. The edges of the cradle on the machine with the zigzag stitch. You can use them in the crib as a substrate for the head, the children sometimes vomit, and diapers are easier to change than all linen.

Advice 3 : How to make a horizontal bar in the bed

The horizontal bar in the baby cot is a simple and inexpensive device. It can be purchased in the store, and the tinkerers can make it on their own. Nothing complicated about it, and the baby will get a helpful trainer.
How to make a horizontal bar in the bed
Using the installed in the bed of the horizontal bar you provide the baby the opportunity to develop agility and strength from the very first weeks. Young children have a highly developed grasp reflex, which facilitates habituation to the projectile. Very useful to start to encourage the child to catch up, grasping the fingers of an adult.

Put the baby on his back and put him in the palm of their thumbs. He felt that to palm something touches, it is sure to grab your fingers and try to zoom in. The result will be something like pull-UPS on hand, with tearing in the shoulders and back from the surface. Such exercises are very useful for muscle development.

Why the horizontal bar in the bed baby

Setting the bar in the bed, you will be able to teach the child to develop muscles. Training on this simulator to help strengthen the neck and back, making the baby more confident turns from side to side, holds the head and generally in physical relationship develops perfectly.

To teach the child to cope with the horizontal bar, to do better. Strengthen the shell at this level from the chest lying in the toddler bed, so he hands could get to stick. Brush the baby put on the bar palm down. Grasping reflexes will make it hard to clasp is attached to the hand object. After several similar exercises, the baby will begin to grab the bar and pull. Even just hold the bar will be useful.

How to make a horizontal bar for the crib

For the horizontal bar will need only a round wooden stick of the desired size. But you can make sports equipment more attractive to the child – for example, decorate it with bright colored elements add fun detail. In stores for sewing, you can find many interesting things.

Try to make a bar with such materials: round wooden stick, varnished, so there are no splinters; color Laundry gum – contrast picture on a stick and create additional terrain for the tactile sense; the laces with tips for attachment to the bed; a pair of bells.

At the ends of the sticks drill the hole – they will have to stretch the laces. Stick tightly wrap a rubber band at the ends to hang the bells. Tie a stick in the laces across the bed to the rods at such a distance that the child took her hands.

Gradually, as the child grows, the stick will need to raise. Also during class is necessary to watch that horizontal bar kid kept correctly, his thumb should be opposite the others.
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