You will need
  • - fabric - 8 m;
  • - measuring tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - a sewing machine.
Select a suitable fabric for bedding. Take a natural cotton: calico, satin, cotton or the other. Artificial fabric do not use. Select it with the width of 220 cm for two sets and a width of 160 cm 1.5-seater to do a lot of stitches. To reveal the wet fabric that she gave shrinkage, and dry, iron with a hot iron.
First, take the duvet cover: put on the fabric the length of the blanket and fold it in half. Then leave a seam 3-5 cm Stitches will be three on the sides and bottom. Determine where you are going to leave a hole for filling with blankets in a duvet cover or on the side seam or at the bottom. Mark it, splitting the party in half and aside from the middle and 30 cm in both directions. Sew all the seams there, leaving the intended hole. Turn the duvet cover inside out and sew the seams again leaving a seam allowance from the previous seam inside. Treat the cut.
Then cutting the sheets, leaving the length on the fabric, leaving allowances on ACC 3-5 cm, add the stock podvorot under the mattress if you want. This is the simple detail of the bedding set, just pull up her top and bottom underwearnew seam, the sewing machine there is a special foot.
Pillowcase cutting size pillows, standard size - 50x70 cm 70x70 cm Aside the length of the pillowcase (50 or 70 cm) and fold the fabric in half, on one side, add 20 cm on podvorot. Get the total length of the workpiece 120 or 160 cm. Add allowances on the ACC - both sides 3 cm Cut the fabric the desired width of 70 cm plus 3 cm seam on each side. Pull up the stitches at the bottom and the top. Fold the fabric like a pillowcase face the outside, inside podvorot and prostrochite on the machine side seams. Then remove the pillowcase and Stacie those seams inside out so that the previous seam allowance left inside the current. Pillowcases ready.