You will need
  • Construction utility knife, ruler, template, a piece of Board (piece of plywood, chipboard)
Mark a piece of foam rubberand marker pen or felt-tip pen, placing a small label. Label connect line (can use smooth bar).
Under the cut put a piece of Board, plywood, chipboard or just thick cardboard. It will protect the floor from damage while cutting.
Cutting foam is recommended without a ruler. Strong and precise movement, drag the knife across you have done the markup. The knife and hold vertically.
If the foam is not cut to the end, with your fingers spread the slotted part and the second cut, cut the foam to the end.
If when cutting out cracks, that means the blade is dull. Break off the tip of the blade or replace it with new.
Curved incisions are made on exactly the same technology. Mark on the mold, then cut the foam along the line, making sure that the knife wouldn't fall, but vertically. The quality of the cut will not be perfect, but it will fit in the case, if you need to find a cushion for upholstered furniture, which is then covered in cloth.