You will need
  • - leaves thick foam
  • - material to cover the Mat
Buy the necessary number of sheets of thick foam. The density and elasticity of the foam can greatly reduce pain if you're not careful fall and to prevent injury. Especially the mats needed where there are children.
To cut out foam pieces of the required size. This is usually 1330х 230х60мм. But you can do sports mats in size and suitable shape: square, even, though rectangular.
Purchased material to cover the Mat. Previously, mats were trimmed with canvas or leatherette. These materials are not very practical: quick dirty, torn, deteriorating. Modern synthetic materials are practical, beautiful, durable: this coprovider or reinforced PVC. Importantly, the materials were non-toxic, anti-allergic and could be subjected to sanitary treatment.
Make material pattern, two for the base, four pieces for the sides, leaving a margin 2 cm on all sides.
Stitched future case on three sides. The fourth side sew a zipper or make the laces, so that the case could be periodically removed and washed.
The sides for ease of movement you need to make the handle from the straps, but you can from covered foam.
For sports children's corner surface of the Mat can be decorated with bright cheerful applique.
If you take 2 sheets of foam to cover them and sew one side of the common zipper, you get a foldable Mat, easy to store and takes up less space.
Invest in a foam case, zippered.