Late is considered absence from work before work or after lunch. Fix the fact late. About this a report which must specify the actual time of arrival at work. The act must be signed by three officers of the company.
Take a written explanation from the latecomers employee about the reason for the committed disciplinary misconduct. To request it, both orally and in writing. Give the employee a notice about giving explanations. The period during which he is obliged to submit to 2 days.
If the employee refused to give explanations, make the "Act of refusal of explanation." It will state the facts, be sure to specify the date of issuance of the notice, the reason for the refusal of the employee from explaining. Check the date of the act, the signatures of three workers. This is usually the head of Department in which the employee, HR specialist and another witness.
Make a report on behalf of the head of the company, attaching supporting documents – act, explanation. Register it and pass through the Secretary to the chief. The head company takes the decision and, if necessary, shall fix the date and time parsing for violation of labor discipline. It should be finally determined the cause of the violation and the punishment.
Disciplinary sanction imposed in accordance with the requirements of articles 192, 193 of the LC RF. Extreme measure – dismissal of the negligent employee. It is possible only in the case of systematic violations of labor and production discipline on his part. In addition, the employee delay would entail serious consequences for the company's operations.
Financial punishment (reducing the size of the award, up to its full deprivation) should be specified in "regulations on bonus payments of the company." As a rule, the bonus to employees shall be appointed subject to the absence of violations of labour or industrial discipline.
In fact parse prepare the order. With him, the worker must be informed within 3 working days. In the case of a refusal make act.